How to use a miter box and hand saw

How to Cut Precise Angles with a Miter Box

how to use a miter box and hand saw

For perfectly consistent angled cuts, it's best to use a miter box. Not quite sure how to use Be careful not to put your hand too close to the saw.

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Charles Platt is a contributing editor to Make magazine, which has published more than 50 of his articles. Six of his books are available from MakerMedia:. Encyclopedia of Electronic Components, volumes 1, 2, and 3 the third written in collaboration with Fredrik Jansson. Make: Tools, which uses the same teaching techniques as Make: Electronics to explore and explain the use of workshop tools. A miter box helps you to make straight, correctly angled cuts. You can think of it as being like training wheels on a bicycle. In your local retailer, you may see a miter box and a tenon saw sold in one package.

A miter box is a tool that can be used to guide a handsaw and cut angles into wood. The most commonly used angles are 90 degrees and 45 degrees. Cutting across the face of a piece of wood creates a miter cut, whereas cutting across the height of the wood creates a bevel cut. As you work, make sure to follow all proper safety protocol in the workshop. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Begin by marking the angle you plan on cutting on your material, either on the edge or the face.

A miter hand saw with a box is one of the ways that you can obtain an accurate cut to your miter projects. It is designed for more precise cuts on small wood, such as molding, baseboards and other trim. The miter hand saw consists of a thin saw with sharp teeth and a reinforced top edge. The following steps will detail how to properly use a hand miter saw and box. Measure where you need to have your wood start and end.

Once upon a time, carpenters and woodworkers relied on a manual miter box and backsaw to cut nearly all miters and angles needed in their work. This all changed when portable power tools began to take the building trades by storm. Today, all but the finest craftspeople or purists rely mostly on power miter saws for making most of their angled cuts. But there is still a perfectly good place for a manual miter box and backsaw, especially if you are a casual DIYer who only rarely cuts a miter. Manual miter boxes come in several levels of sophistication. Pairing this simple box with a specialty handsaw known as a miter saw or backsaw named for the reinforced spine that holds the blade rigid during cutting , and you'll be able to cut the most common angles needed for simple jobs, such as installing wood trim moldings or baseboards. At the higher end are all-metal manual boxes with beds that variably adjust to almost any angle you want to cut.

Why a Manual Miter Box Might Be Right for You

Ditch the Miter Box and Make the Cut


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  1. If you are doing a project that requires angled joints, you will most likely use a miter box to get you angles more accurate than measuring and cutting them by hand.

  2. A miter box consists of two components—a hand saw whose teeth are set for crosscutting (cutting against the grain of the wood) and a “box” that is pre- fashioned.

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