And we don t care about the old folks

Peter Bjorn And John:Young Folks Lyrics

and we don t care about the old folks

Peter Bjorn and John Performs "Young Folks" - 1/29/2007

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The show was at the Palladium Ballroom , an ultra-sterile new venue owned by the multinational entertainment conglomerate AEG. I expected the venue to be the worst part of the show, with obstructed views of the stage and the band up on a stage so high you had to crane your neck to see if you were within fifty feet. The drunken sorority girls from SMU were there, grinding to every song the band played and screaming out the chorus of the hit single to their friend they called on their cell phone. So were the obnoxious dancers, who clear out a five foot radius around themselves and make the music entirely secondary to their own dance moves. However, a new breed appeared last night: the obese thirty-something urban professional.

Victoria Bergsman born 4 May is a Swedish songwriter, musician, and vocalist best known as singer of the indie pop band The Concretes from to Since announcing her departure from the band on 24 July she has been recording for her new solo project Taken by Trees. In , her solo project Taken by Trees released East of Eden, a collaboration with Pakistani musicians. A version of the album will be released with a short documentary about its recording. Forgot your password?

The single features Victoria Bergsman as a guest vocalist. The song first attracted notice on websites such as Myspace and YouTube , and was used in a number of European commercials and television shows. It is notable for being a popular song with whistling the whistling was originally added in as a placeholder for another instrument. The whistling and part of the song have a tune reminiscent of the " oriental riff ". The song was ranked 5 on Pitchfork Media 's Top Tracks of list.

Young Folks

Peter, Bjorn and John - performing Young Folks [live] with lyrics






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