Difference between horticulture and agriculture

What is the Difference Between a Horticulture Degree and an Agriculture Degree?

difference between horticulture and agriculture

Difference Between Agriculture and Horticulture - Courses - Scope


Agriculture is the cultivating of crops and animals for human consumption, while horticulture is the study and cultivation of plants without the use of animals. Plants grown by horticulturists are not necessarily used for food. Agricultural plants are grown in large fields with the express purpose of being sold commercially. Horticulture can refer to a large field of plants grown for the purpose of study or a backyard garden. Agriculturalists look for low-cost, effective ways of producing food for human consumption. The crops produced by agriculture include fruits, vegetables, poultry and beans.

For most people out there, agriculture and horticulture could mean one thing or the other. Agriculture is the more popular and the widely known term and most people are of the opinion that horticulture is yet another sophisticated term for agriculture and often make the mistake of using the two terms synonymously. Therefore, it is wise to know what these terms mean individually prior to moving on to the factors which set them apart. What is agriculture? Derived out of a mixture of Latin words agri which means field and cultura which means culture, the term agriculture refers to the production of food and goods through farming and forestry.

Difference between Agriculture and Horticulture

The disciplines of horticulture and agriculture are often closely linked, but they serve different functions within society. Plants are a source of food, clean air and beauty, and there are many people who seek to find ways to enhance their presence on the earth. This type of herb cultivation is known as horticulture, and the results of this practice are often used to help farmers improve agricultural activities like growing food crops for human and animal consumption. Here are some of the key differences between university level horticulture degree programs and those for agricultural science, some examples of courses taken in each discipline and the types of agriculture and horticulture internships that are available for students. Most horticulture degree programs emphasize the study of plant health, pest control and nutrient content.

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