Gucci mane and lil uzi

OVA Fest (Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, DRAM)

gucci mane and lil uzi

vs. The World is a collaborative EP by American rappers Lil Uzi Vert and Gucci Mane. It was released on November 23, , by Generation Now and.

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If you hear something, say something. Bad news for anyone who, for whatever reason, still has yet to ride the emo rap wave: Uzi is still out here. With the official release, we can rage guilt-free to Mr. Can I get a yeehaw? The next bad flute sample I hear will be the first! Radric Davis take a nap challenge!

Fresh feat. The World. Gucci Mane It's so hard to take the trap out a trap nigga I'm a coke dealer dressed like a rap figure A Guy Fisher type of nigga, I'mma die richer Posing for pictures with the strippers and the pot flippers I'd rather lie to ya baby then I lie with ya I seen you with his shit, I ain't finna ride with ya Pitching underhand I'm a knuckle ball pitcher You off base I call you out, I'm the hind catcher You ran off, guess you thought it'd be a cakewalk Stealing base, got caught, let the K talk Got me digging in my safe at the safe house Like I won't pay a k to blow ya face off. Lil Uzi Vert Okay you know I stay fly, yeah you stay level Red Gucci leather, yeah Raf Simons sweater Yeah got rid of my girl, got a foreign with a accent that's better Yeah I just had both of them and they came together Yeah in the strip club with my nigga big Guwop, and Wop we just changed the weather Somebody grab my sweater, 'cause I just changed the weather Yeah we make it rain together, we make it rain together All of my diamonds VS's, so you know that mean it connected I told that girl just to bust it The first time she met me I told that girl just to neck it Yeah young nigga hustle put diamonds in necklace Yeah flexing, finessing that's all in my vessels.

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Gucci Mane announced that soon, he would be dropping a brand new album and we were all surprised by the statement. In the winter, he had released his Evil Genius project but we all know that Guwop doesn't exactly take time off from the studio. He's one of the men who work the hardest in the industry and that's why he's earned such an iconic placement among Atlanta's icons. He said last week that we could be expecting Delusions of Grandeur soon before unleashing "Backwards" with Meek Mill. He revealed the album cover yesterday, which shows him looking as fit as ever on his Rolls-Royce cars, and today he's showing us who to expect on the full-length. We've heard a couple of songs that will be appearing on the tracklist -- namely the collaborations with Meek Mill and Justin Bieber -- but there's a whole lot more that we can get excited for tomorrow.


All that ass sittin' on your back, you got potential Hah You got potential Woo , you got potential Wow You keep sucking that dick like that, you got potential You got potential Hah , you got potential Yeah, yeah You keep throwing that pussy back, you got potential You got potential Hah , you got potential Your waist so small, your gap so fat, you got potential You got potential, you got potential, hah. Counting my paper in binders Yeah Look for your girl, you can't find her What? First day, fucked her with condom Huh Yeah, hey, then I got comfortable, fucked her no condom Yeah Yeah, sleep on my comp in a hammock Huh?

Gucci Mane's "Delusions Of Grandeur" Features Meek Mill, Lil Uzi Vert & More

Nearly six months to the day since he walked out of a federal penitentiary in Indiana, Gucci Mane is rounding into form by releasing his fourth project of new material in so far, this one a collaboration with one of hip-hop's hottest rising stars, Lil Uzi Vert , called Vs. The World. The tape is the second collaborative mixtape Gucci's released in the past 10 days, following the surprise joint project with Future , Free Bricks 2 Zone 6 Edition , that they dropped to widespread acclaim on Nov. And lest anyone think that Gucci hasn't blessed fans enough, he also unleashed a new video for "Selling Heroin" off that Free Bricks 2 tape, which largely consists of behind-the-scenes footage of Gucci and his friends Future, Young Thug and Young Dolph all make cameos, as well as Keisha Ka'oir at various performances and appearances. Check the new tape and video below. And congratulations are in order for Gucci after he proposed to Ka'oir on the Kiss Cam at an Atlanta Hawks basketball game this week as well.



Lil Uzi Vert & Gucci Mane - "Today!!" (Produced By C Note) (Official Audio)

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