How did nipsey hussle and lauren london meet

How Long Were Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London Dating Before He Died?

how did nipsey hussle and lauren london meet

Speak it Into Existance: Nipsey Hussle Wanted Lauren London Back in 2009 (Flashback)

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Our Grandchildren will frame this gq nipseyhussle. I don't know why I feel Nipsey Hussle's death so personally. But I can't even imagine how it feels genuinely knowing and loving him. I pray that God keeps Lauren London and all of his family and loved ones wrapped in his arms and covered in strength. My heart goes out to Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle's family. They were perfect for each other.

News broke Sunday night that rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot dead in front of his Los Angeles clothing store. On his Hussle. Before she was with Nipsey, she was in a relationship with rapper Lil Wayne. The two split up in , and not long after she announced that she was pregnant with his child. Their son, Kameron Carter, was born on September 9,

He was Nipsey was more than just a rapper, he was a hero in the community that he grew up in and constantly gave back to. He had recently purchased the West Slauson Avenue strip mall where he died in order to reinvest in the area.
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Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London may have just broken the internet. As revealed on Thursday Feb. Related Story. In the in-depth profile, which was titled "California Love," the power couple tells GQ 's Mark Anthony Green about how they met and some of the definitive moments they've shared together. JAY-Z bought a few copies, et cetera. The profile then humbly notes how JAY-Z ended up actually buying more than "a few" copies, supporting the rapper by getting his hands on 97 copies. Given that the mixtape helped connect them and provided a basis for the pair to communicate, Nipsey explains how they've been "building" ever since as well as fighting off rumors they are engaged.

Lauren, 34, has received an outpouring of support from fans after Nipsey, 33, was tragically shot and killed outside his clothing store in south Los Angeles on Sunday. Undoubtedly still processing the heartbreaking news, Lauren is yet to speak out about her loss. But, her love for Nipsey has spoken volumes over the course of their five-year relationship. In a radio interview with Boom The couple continued to chat via those DMs before the romance blossomed when they eventually met in real life.

How Did Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London Meet?

Nipsey Hussle’s Last ‘Extra’ Interview Before His Death

Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London open up about relationship in 'GQ' feature

When Grammy-nominated West Coast hip-hop titan Nipsey Hussle and his scene-stealing-actress girlfriend, Lauren London, appeared in the middle of Slauson Avenue with a white stallion, TMZ assumed they were taking engagement photos. But it was just your run-of-the-mill magazine photo shoot in the Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles, where Nipsey has lived and worked his whole life and is pretty much royalty. Everyone in Crenshaw has a story about Nipsey. Before you get mad at Harvey and co. For example: how Nipsey and Lauren started dating. Her sinkhole-deep dimples and her pearly teeth flashed when she laughed, pushing Nipsey aside.









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