Where is konikoni city in pokemon sun and moon

Pokemon Sun: Where KoniKoni City Is and How to Get There

where is konikoni city in pokemon sun and moon

Pokemon Sun & Moon - KoniKoni City Night Music (HQ)

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At the start of the game, Professor Kukui asks you to choose a profile picture. The picture you choose decides your gender and skin color, but your clothing, hairstyle, and the color of your hair and eyes can all be changed during the game. During your adventure you'll stumble upon Apparel Shops in certain towns. In these shops you can try on and buy new clothing, hats, bags, and other fashion items at the counter. You can change your clothing and contacts color in the fitting room.

Olivia told you to meet her in her shop in Konikoni City, but there is also a lot of other things to do in this town that "Welcomes the Sea Breeze". If you think it's time to change your look, there's a salon and an apparel shop on the east side of the city. The backpacker next to the apparel shop sells herbs:. With a bit of luck, you've already caught one back in Lush Jungle. A girl on the left wants to trade her Poliwhirl named Whirly for a Zubat. On the west side of town you can buy different kinds of Incense at the southernmost stall. The Incenses all have a different effect and also have an effect when held during breeding.

Konikoni City is one of the more prominent cities in Akala Island. When you reach Konikoni City , a Delibird will give something to Probopass. Feel free to explore the many shops.
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Pokemon Moon: Where KoniKoni City Is and How to Get There

Pokemon Moon Part 21 Koni Koni City! Gameplay Walkthrough ( Pokemon Sun Moon )

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Your first task is to seek out Olivia here at her shop in Konikoni, but soon after you'll be taken on to Memorial Hill and the Akala Outskirts , before your Akala Grand Trial with Kahuna Olivia herself at last. There's plenty to see in Konikoni City, including a shop which ives you either a Skull Fossil or a Cover Fossil, a lady who gives you the Pikachu-exclusive Pikanium Z Crystal, and more. First things first, you're looking for Olivia. Head over to her shop, which is on the left hand side of the row of storefronts, and see if she's inside. In the store, you'll be handed a note from her Probopass - turns out she's not here after all, and has instead headed over to the Ruins of Life, past Memorial Hill. That doesn't mean you need to leave right away though - there are plenty of TMs and Herbs to buy here in the city which can't be found anywhere else. A lady with the Pikachu to the city's north, meanwhile, offers you the Z Crystal Pikanium Z, whilst you can also grab the Eviolite from behind the bench just next to her.

Konikoni City is found in the southwest of Akala Island. In the main path, there are various stalls of merchants selling various products. There's also the house of the Island Kahuna, Olivia, where stones and fossils can be purchased. Trian Captains Mallow and Lana both live in this town. Move Tutor In the end of the town, you will find a trainer who will teach Volt Tackle to your Pikachu. Name Type Cat. PP Att.


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