The harrow and the harvest

The Harrow and the Harvest

the harrow and the harvest

The Harrow & The Harvest is a album released by American musician Gillian Welch. It was Welch's first album in eight years and was released on June

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The music is steeped in the early country, bluegrass, and Appalachian mountain traditions that are her trademark --though it engages rock and roll and blues motifs albeit acoustically--while the melodies and lyrics reflect the darkness and melancholy of Gothic Americana. Produced by Rawlings , this set returns to the sparse instrumentation of her earliest recordings: guitars, banjos, harmonica, and hand-and-knee slaps. The album illustrates a near-symbiotic guitar interplay; rhythms, melodies, and even countermelodies are exchanged organically, interlocked in the moment. The protagonists in these ten songs are desperate, broken, and hurt individuals; some stubbornly cling to shreds of hope while others resign themselves to tragedy even as they go on; still others, like the one in the opener "Scarlet Town," reflect anger and the wish for vengeance. What they hold in common is their need to tell their stories through Welch 's plaintive contralto. Of all the ways I've found to hurt myself, you may be my favorite one of all Despite its gentle presentation, "Hard Times" is steely and determined, even as its languid presentation displays evidence to challenge the protagonist's spirit.

The Harrow & the Harvest

I t has been eight long years since Gillian Welch's last album, 's Soul Journey a gap that prompts the inevitable question from those in thrall to the post-Appalachian lull of this Nashville-based duo. What have they been doing? Preparing the ground, you might conclude.

Gillian Welch: The Harrow & the Harvest review

It was Welch's first album in eight years and was released on June 28, The eight years since the release of 's Soul Journey marked the longest period of time between album releases for Welch. In explaining the relatively long recording absence, Welch said, "The sad truth is we never liked anything enough to put it out, which is not a pleasant place to be. Actually we made a few tentative steps at trying to record, but inevitably the heart would go out of it when we realised that we simply didn't like the material enough to go on with it. It's not uncommon. It's something that happens to writers. It's the deepest frustration we have come through, hence the album title.


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