Steven and alexandra cohen foundation

The Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation Launches The Give Bag Campaign

steven and alexandra cohen foundation

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This giving reflects their personal connection with the causes they support. Alex serves as the President of the Foundation and is responsible for day-to-day management of the organization. She has had a deep, lifelong commitment to giving, inspired by her mother who was a caregiver dedicated to children and her local community. Alex began her life of giving at an early age, including working in nursing homes and soup kitchens as early as high school. Under her leadership, the Foundation team is responsible for the ongoing giving strategy, relationship management of grantees and oversight of the numerous programs and projects that the Foundation has committed to support. Steve and Alex are also strong proponents of charitable giving within their personal and professional communities, strongly advocating for others to commit time and financial resources to the betterment of our society. They believe that we will only meet the immense challenges faced by children, and others in need, if all those who have lived the American dream can find meaningful ways to give back.

The goal of the GIVE Bag is to start a chain of giving; one bag can be refilled with thoughtful items and given over and over again within a community, throughout the country, or across the world. The Foundation introduced the free GIVE Bag to highlight the importance of giving back and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to join its LoveTheGive movement. Even if it's a small gesture, random acts of kindness can truly resonate with everyone. The concept of the GIVE Bag is simple: Fill it with useful and thoughtfully selected items for someone who needs help, inspiration or support. The recipient then continues the chain of giving by refilling the bag and "paying it forward" to another person in need. The possibilities are truly endless. The bag is adorned with a tag, which has a QR code as well as a hashtag, LoveTheGive, so those giving and receiving can share their experiences on social media.

This month, Argie Pagiavlas discovers that her experience as a first-generation American has helped form her sense of self. This month, Alex shares how editing past memories can help you heal and find joy in the present. To kick off the new year, Alex reminds us that while wealth may not bring true happiness, gratitude always does. During the December holidays, Alyssa DeFranco recalls a personal memory that has shaped her belief in giving selflessly. During the month of November, Alex reflects on the links between her life experiences, showing how each link forms a chain of gratitude. This month, Alex reminds us that we are always just six degrees from helping someone in need and that giving even once can cause a ripple effect in the lives of many.

Over the next five years, the Foundation will support and track the progress of these grants while selectively seeking out new investment opportunities to combat this complex illness. Ticks Suck.
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She quotes pediatricians who support the hotly debated idea that Lyme is easily cured with a single course of antibiotics—and does not include counterviews. It is a disservice to so many who are truly suffering. Every year across the country, Lyme disease affects over , people, an estimated 10 to 20 percent of whom suffer from chronic symptoms after receiving antibiotic therapy. However, his journey toward recovery may not reflect that of others. Many patients struggle to pinpoint the root cause of their symptoms, either due to flawed testing or limited access to Lyme-competent clinicians.

Lyme Disease

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