Beyond chelation and is available from longevity plus

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beyond chelation and is available from longevity plus

How to Chelate with EDTA


Essential Daily Defense EDD is an extraordinary combination of all natural ingredients that when used by Doctor Gordon in his program has virtually eliminated all heart disease and stroke and lowered the incidence of cancer by over 50 percent. When consumed with his advanced Vitamin C formulas this program provides some answers to this serious chemical concerns we all have in living in our toxic world. Gordon M. But in getting rid of Lead and Mercury and other metals, we always also lose good minerals like zinc. Everyone knows our diet does not meet our nutritional needs. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Adults: Take 6 to 18 capsules per day or as directed by your physician.

Getting the Lead Out Of course, good medical practice requires identifying specific extra sources of exposure. This can be amazing, and I have saved lives by being a Sherlock Holmes. Why not devise a program that helps to deal with all the heavy metals in my patients and never stops working, one that can be most likely implemented for less cost than might be spent dealing with just the dental contribution to the overall body burden of toxic heavy metals? I have identified and removed major sources of toxicity in my years of following up on abnormal blood, urine, and hair heavy metal testing as director at one time of MINERALAB, then the largest trace element testing lab in the world, subsequently acquired by Doctor's Data. I have written books that identify all the possible contributors that can aggravate the overall toxicity that I am focusing on in this article. These toxins include certain eating utensils to lead paint in homes, even lead linings in bathtubs and, of course, lead paints and lead in drinking water.

Beyond Chelation Improved which Dr Gordon has recently renamed Beating Cellular Impurities is a unique blend of multi-vitamins, oils and brain-enhancing nutrients that offers extra protection against the toxic elements in our everyday life. Taking regular Chelation treatments will help prevent blood clotting, lower cholesterol levels and guard against the harmful effects of heavy metals in the environment. Beyond Chelation Improved is more than just a multivitamin. Regular Chelation treatments will protect you from unavoidable toxic elements, plus it will lower cholesterol levels, guard against heart attack and stroke , fight off free radicals and prevent blood clotting. You may already be taking multivitamins as part of a healthy daily routine, but have you ever stopped to check whether you are getting the most from your supplement? It does the work of several vitamins, nutrients and oils, in one easy-to-take package. Watch our interview with Dr Garry Gordon the father of chelation and developer of Beyond Chelation improved below.

South Shore Health Center, Inc. Disclosure: Elizabeth Woeckner, AB, MA, has disclosed that she has received compensation for consulting in civil litigation and professional disciplinary actions. Disclosure: Robert S. Baratz, MD, DDS, PhD, has disclosed that he has been retained by state licensing boards, the Office of the US Attorney, and plaintiff counsel as an expert in disciplinary proceedings and litigation with regard to chelation therapy and associated matters. He is compensated only for his time and has no commercial interest in the outcome of the proceedings or litigation.

Beyond Chelation Improved – for a multivitamin that detoxifies!

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Dr Garry Gordon discusses Beyond Fiber™


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