Kristen stewart and taylor lautner

Photos Of Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner Celebrating His Birthday Will Make 'Twilight' Fans Howl

kristen stewart and taylor lautner

Twilight: New Moon

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I know it's been literal years since the final movie of the Twilight franchise came out, but to anyone out there who is still Team Jacob, know this: Kristen Stewart brought Taylor Lautner as her date to the American Ultra premiere on Tuesday night and it was everything Twihards could've wished for. The former co-stars may not be romantically linked Stewart is currently said to be dating Alicia Cargile , but do they really need to be when they're clearly best friends for life? The answer to that is an obvious no, and there is plenty of proof out there that Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are FriendshipGoals to the max. Ultimately, being Team Jacob or shipping the S. Taysten doesn't necessarily have to mean that fans think that the actors should get together romantically.

Romero wrapped his arm around the birthday boy in a hug. T is a pretty little liar. And I look like I'm ready for bed," Romero captioned it. Although Stewart's Bella Swan ended up with sparkly vampire Edward Cullen unforgettably played by Robert Pattinson in the books and movies, it's clear that she was Team Jacob last night. The birthday boy posted more pictures from the night, which he dubbed "the best birthday EVER," on his own Instagram page. It appears that Lautner's girlfriend , Tay , threw him a small get-together surprise party.

The actors played Bella and Jacob in the beloved "Twilight Saga," released in In the shot, Lautner can be seen with his finger over his lips, as both Stewart, 28, and Romero rested on his shoulders. In the first shot, Lautner and his girlfriend Taylor Dome , whom he became Instagram official with in October, were photographed sharing a warm embrace. The last photo was a group shot, which included Stewart giving a thumbs up and Patrick Schwarzenegger. The only person missing from the celebration was none other than Robert Pattinson a. In September, Pattinson, 32, joked about the idea of a Twilight reboot.

Kristen Stewart surprised Taylor Lautner for his birthday, because #TeamJacob forever

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in LA June 2017

There was just a mini- Twilight reunion, so gather 'round, stat. The actor who played Jacob Black in the film based on the books by Stephenie Meyer and hairstylist, CJ Romero , were both kind enough to share photos on Instagram on Tuesday. Lautner, who turned 27 on Feb. As Twihards know, Stewart played lead Bella Swan in the franchise and clearly ever since filming, she and Lautner have remained close. Why else would she be invited to celebrate his birthday? If you scroll past the first two adorable photos of Lautner and Tay and the third in the Instagram below, you'll see the fourth picture features Stewart on the far left giving a thumbs up. She looks truly stoked to be at her friend's party.

The pic came thanks to a surprise party for Lautner's 27th birthday, which was thrown by his girlfriend, Taylor Dome, at the Los Angeles sports bar 40 Love. In the orange-tinted pic, Stewart, wearing a white top and light jeans, leans up against Lautner, resting her head and hand on his shoulder. Lautner, sporting a black baseball cap and bomber jacket, is holding up a finger to his mouth and Romero hugs him from the other side. Damn K looks sexy. T is a pretty little liar. Lautner shared pics from his party on his Instagram too, including a group photo -- where Stewart, 28, is in the front row and fellow celeb guest Patrick Schwarzenegger can also be spotted -- and a solo shot with his girlfriend.

The cast of Twilight may have put their roles so far behind them that some have forgotten they were even in the films, but two former stars just had a major reunion. After years of playing on-screen love interests, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are back hanging out together, and Chief Swan would be proud. Their meeting occurred during Taylor's recent birthday celebrations, People reports. In a photo shared by hairstylist Cj Romero , Kristen and Taylor cozied up for a fun pose, with Cj writing, "K looks sexy. T is a pretty little liar. In additional photos, Taylor thanked everyone for attending, and shared an Instagram slideshow that had Kristen posing front and center with other birthday guests. Naturally, the photograph had many Twilight fans in their feelings, with some confessing to shedding tears of joy.

Feb 13, Team Jacob fans, rejoice! Earlier this week, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart excited Twilight fans everywhere when they posed for an.
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  1. Feb 13, On Monday, Jacob (aka Taylor Lautner) reunited with Bella (Kristen Stewart) at Lautnerís 27th birthday party, and, for once, Edward (Robert Pattinson) wasnít there to drive them apart. Stewart could be seen in several photos from the party, a surprise bash put on by Lautnerís.

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