Online human anatomy and physiology

Anatomy and Physiology

online human anatomy and physiology

Taking Your Anatomy & Physiology Lab Course Online

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We offer a fully accredited , self-paced Online Anatomy and Physiology course. This course combines an interactive study experience with the convenience of the Internet. Course content is presented according to body systems, and focuses on the body working together to promote homeostasis. Mastery of key concepts is encouraged with full-color art, animations, audio and video. Everything you need to complete the class is contained online, including an electronic version of the textbook. The course is perfect for non-medical professionals who want to learn anatomy and physiology to pursue a field in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industries.

This course sequence consists of three, 4-credit courses total of 12 term credits , which is usually equivalent to 8 semester credits. Each course is offered every term and should be taken in order. Each course has lecture and lab components. Lectures focus on physiology and rely on lecture videos, exercises and assigned reading. Labs focus on anatomy studied from a 3D interactive anatomy program, images and drawings and lab videos. A Proctor is required for examinations four in each course , but is not required for quizzes.

Publisher: OpenStax. Attribution CC BY. Of course, as science and medicine continue to advance, changes will need to be made, but they should be easy to implement.
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You probably have a general understanding of how your body works. But do you fully comprehend how all of the intricate functions and systems of the human body work together to keep you healthy? This course will provide that insight. By approaching the study of the body in an organized way, you will be able to connect what you learn about anatomy and physiology to what you already know about your own body. By taking this course, you will begin to think and speak in the language of the domain while integrating the knowledge you gain about anatomy to support explanations of physiological phenomenon. The course focuses on a few themes that, when taken together, provide a full view of what the human body is capable of and of the exciting processes going on inside of it. The themes are:.

Thank you! Bargo, Marietta, GA. View a course demo. For our online course refund policy, click here. Requirements: Internet access, e-mail, Firefox or Internet Explorer web browser. You will need to create a login for your online classroom. Go to www.

BIO 231, 232, 233 Human Anatomy and Physiology

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