Red and white living room

100+ Best Red Living Rooms Interior Design Ideas

red and white living room

Pictures of 28 Inspirational Red and White living room designs and ideas by some of the world's best designers.

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If there is one color that makes an immediate and undeniable impact in any interior that it adorns, then it is the indomitable red! Fiery, passionate and the universal color of love, red has often been relegated to the bedroom. While some modern homeowners love to infuse their kitchen with a splash of this brilliant hue, red living rooms are indeed a rarity. Yet no matter what theme you have going in your living space, red can fit into it in an effortless manner. Impactful, elegant and visually powerful, red can give your living room a touch of exclusivity. There is no denying the fact that it is very easy to go overboard with red and create an intimidating and even uncomfortably bright living room. This is precisely why we have some beautiful inspirations that showcase how this bold color can be used in a balanced and pleasing fashion.

Of late I came across so many attractive living rooms that use the red and white combination that I thought it was time to put in a post. Color-wise, White is subtle and Red is intense. Togethor these two colors seem to work really well. Not all the rooms that we feature today will use the two colors in the same manner or proportion. Each room solves the balance problem in its own unique way.

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Looking for red living room design ideas? Check out our collection of best red living rooms with more than pictures! Here are just a few creative ways to incorporate red, into your living rooms color scheme. As red is such a bold color, you may want to consider limiting the use of it to one feature wall, which will be the central focus point of your living room. Leaving the remaining walls a solid neutral color, such as white, will give the illusion that your living room is larger than it is. If you want add a hint of red to a neutral colored couch, consider placing a cosy red throw over the back of your couch or alternatively, place a couple of red cushions of any size or shape onto your couch.

Subscribe to "Homedit" on YouTube to keep up with all of our videos and shows. Red is a very powerful color which, in large quantities, can easily become overwhelming. View in gallery. Red walls are a very daring option. To make the ambiance a bit less striking, perhaps a single red accent wall would be a better option. Here you can see how an open floor plan deals with red accent walls. The color suits the space well especially in combination with all the beige.

How To Add Red To Your Home Without Overdoing It

If you are looking for an exciting, vibrant yet classic color combination, look no further than the blend of black, red and white. The trio makes an energetic and visually captivating statement while adapting to the theme that you already have going around your house.

45 Inspiring Red and White Living Room Designs

Most often than not, when we see spaces with the blue, red and white combination, we are reminded of flags. As a person from a country with these colors found in ours, I also am reminded of the flag of the United States. The colors are not common, rather, they are special; this is because these colors are used to represent something to remind people of the things that our forefathers have fought for and what they actually believe in. Ian Harrison Architect. The first picture in our list today is this living room from E Bay.




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