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Arts College OU - Annual video report 2018-19

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The College of Arts and Sciences is the oldest and largest of the degree-recommending colleges at the University of Oklahoma. Established in as the College of Liberal Arts, the college granted its first degree in Today, as then, the liberal arts and sciences provide the foundation for the OU educational experience, through which we prepare our students to live productive and successful lives as citizens of a democracy. Our goal is to graduate students who can communicate clearly, both in writing and orally; think creatively; reason and act ethically; serve as leaders of their professions and their local and global communities; and continue to learn after they leave OU. By providing a broad-based education, the College of Arts and Sciences seeks to enrich the lives of our students, both as individuals and as active, productive members of society. To accomplish these goals, we bring together talented students and dedicated teacher-scholars in an environment that supports learning and personal development and is, in turn, supported by the donations of our alumni and friends to produce the best educational experience possible, anywhere. The degrees offered by the college provide a strong foundation for further professional or graduate studies and for pursuing employment in a wide variety of endeavors.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences deals with the full range of human experience. Intrinsically interdisciplinary in approach, the Faculty produces cutting-edge research that informs our world-class teaching and inspires our students, academics and the general public.
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Selecting your major is an important step in the academic process and should be approach in a thoughtful and intentional manner. Your major should be an extension of your academic interests and an advancement towards your professional goals. Degree Checksheets. Students can declare more that one major in their academic career. These majors can either come from the same college or come from two separate colleges.

OU College of Arts and Sciences

Gayfree Ellison in the early s. This is true across all scholarly domains we serve in the University of Oklahoma College of Arts and Sciences natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and professional programs. - By contributing to the fund below, you make our future brighter orange!

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  1. College of Arts and Sciences. OU's first and largest college, the cornerstone of the University is comprised of four academic areas: Humanities, Natural Sciences .

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