D link dir 890l ac3200 ultra wi fi router review

D-Link DIR-890L AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi router Review

d link dir 890l ac3200 ultra wi fi router review

The D-Link DIRL/R is a middle-of-the-road tri-band router that certainly stands out thanks to its glossy red shell and massive proportions.

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First of all, regarding the design choice and the size, while I think it looks On the whole, the D-Link DIRL is an excellent router that provides a fast, far-ranging and reliable Wi-Fi connection alongside plenty of extra features. However, since it's a niche, high-end product, it will be the best choice for only a select few. Our overall impression of this router is that it's a great choice for a super-busy home. Plus, it wasn't only fast across short and mid-range distances, it was also reliable. We ran it continuously for one month and never had a need to reset it, or even D-Link's DIRL is an impressive router that offers blazing fast speeds and a great range, but is overkill for everyone but power users.

D-Link is one of the first networking manufacturers to have released an AC tri-band router after Netgear revealed the Nighthawk X6 , aiming to give the home users a taste of the latest technologies. Most people will be happy with an older generation AC router, but, there are others that are in need of a more powerful device, which can handle a huge network of diverse clients and need a large space to be covered without being bothered with countless wireless repeaters that cut the speed in half. These people need a strong backbone for their network. Surely, a MU-MIMO router will have a better throughput than a tri-band router, but, the latter is specifically targeted towards networks with lost of wireless devices, so, in order to maintain a proper stability, instead of getting only the usual two bands 2. While other router manufacturers usually find a winning design formula and use it again and again Linksys WRT series , D-Link is known to have taken some risks when it came to the appearance of their devices. The DIRL features a weird angular case that reminds me of those headcrabs from Half Life or the tiny green stink bugs Acrosternum hilare , covered by a red glossy finish.

The Good The D-Link AC Ultra Wi-Fi DIRL/R has fast Wi-Fi and network storage speeds and an eye-catching design, and is very easy.
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Testing such multi-band AC routers has become increasingly tough, since few client devices support the maximum throughput. This is made even more difficult due to the presence of two bands on the DIRL which, theoretically, should demand two devices to be straining it at the same time or arguably three, with one on the 2. A PC is set up with the Asus PCE-AC68 Wi-Fi card and placed adjacent to the router, then at 5m away with two brick walls in between, and finally at a distance of 10m away with a further wall in between. Maximum throughput is measured using a real-world file transfer at each of these distances. For speed, the DIRL was less impressive.

Router design has really taken off in the past few years. And in many ways the DIRL is the culmination of that trend. Finished in a bright, glossy red and with a striking angular shape, it looks like an alien spacecraft. Once installed it will seldom be seen, but nonetheless, I must admit to quite liking the outlandish design. Those aerials also mean it stands at

D-Link DIR-890L AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi router Review - Performance and Verdict Review

The Bad It's very expensive and has limited configuration and features. Its antennas are not detachable, and its Wi-Fi range is comparatively short. - Blazing throughput speeds. Good range performance.

D-Link AC3200 Ultra WiFi DIR-890L/R Router Review

Since that technology isn't really common place I'd be willing to give it a pass on that as it came to market with the best technology available at the time, but it's mid-range performance makes it hard to fully recommend. It is pretty much just a standard tri-band AC router that doesn't stand out from the pack with any feature beyond its audacious styling. It's not a bad router, but there are better options available for the same price. AC Ultra. If you like big routers and cannot lie Editor's note: IGN is ramping tech and hardware reviews back up, one product category at a time. We're kicking off with deep dives into some of the best-of-the best headsets, routers, GPUs, Mice, Monitors, and keyboards from the last few years.

As the bandwidth demands for multiplayer games continue to rise and 4K movie streaming starts to dominate the media market, router manufacturers have begun releasing a whole new range of high-end, high-powered routers that can handle the network requirements of the modern household. Availability: Buy on Amazon. The AC wears its take-no-prisoners attitude right on its bright red sleeve. The design of the D-Link AC isinteresting, to say the least. Without mincing words, the AC looks like something straight out of a near future, where all spaceships also double as personal home networking devices.


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  1. The DIRL is D-Link's flagship consumer router. It uses six external aerials to achieve up to AC speeds 2 x 1,Mbps + Mbps.

  2. The ultimate router for a busy household. D-Link DIRL AC Ultra Wi-Fi router Review - Performance and Verdict Review.

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