Brave new world part 2 boy meets world

Boy Meets World 7x22-23 Brave New World

brave new world part 2 boy meets world

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Cory tries to live in false hope that Topanga will stay and nothing is going to change, but advice from Mr. Feeny makes him realize that she's only shielding herself from failure. Cory talks to Topanga, who is still hesitant, but agrees that they should move. Also, Eric makes an Eric Doll to remind Mr. Feeny of Eric and his Feeny Call after he's gone. They prepare to leave, but Shawn and Cory have an emotional breakdown. He and Cory are giddy when Topanga reveals that Shawn's going to go with them.

The Jacobs kid does suck, but even his weird existence can't kill that scene for me. I like that they put Rider back in his stupid leather jacket one last time. Class dismissed". Perfect line for Feeny to say at the end, right, Confidence? Just goes to show ho much cares about his students, even if he doesn't always say it out loud. You know I really love how you keep bringing up how great that there's not much of a climax and I couldn't agree more.

Boy Meets World Brave New World: Part 2 Eric Matthews

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in.

Brave New World: Part 2

I do not want to go to New York! What about Topanga? Who cares about Why does everyone always take Topanga's side? Give me your hand. I want to see if our energies converge. You're not gonna, like, kiss me now, are you?

Boy Meets World s07e23 Episode Script

The season was produced by Michael Jacobs Productions and Touchstone Television with series creator Michael Jacobs as executive producer. Riley is the series' protagonist, with Cory as a co-lead, and Topanga in a reduced role. Shawn and Eric appear in recurring guest roles, as do many other characters that have appeared over the course of Boy Meets World' s run. Continuing from where the last season finale ended, a distraught and emotionally rattled Topanga breaks up with Cory once again, calling off their wedding, too. Topanga then explains to Cory that love is not enough to keep a relationship. Following her friend's lead, Angela decides that she can't be in a relationship with Shawn, and breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Jack asks Eric to move back into the apartment now that he and Rachel have also broken up.




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  1. Jack, on the other hand, is having a meltdown of his own about a big life-changing decision: joining the Peace Corps.

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