Who is juliet on gossip girl

Juliet gets confronted on 'Gossip Girl'!

who is juliet on gossip girl

Gossip Girl 4x06 Easy J "Juliet & Colin"

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The last episode of Gossip Girl got a bit heavy, didn't it? Juliet managed to trick Serena into believing she'd taken cocaine and overdosed and then, rather wisely, disappeared from her apartment - only stopping to pick up a cheque from Lily, of course. But we wouldn't count against Blair and Dan after their delicious pact at the end! It looks like we're in for a treat in the next episode, 'The Townie'. For one, Blair finally confronts Juliet. But it's not all good news - Jenny's no-good drug-dealing ex-boyfriend Damien shows up again.

The episode opens with Blair lying in bed with an eye mask on. Serena comes in and admits that she is having "Colin issues". Blair's duvet puffs up and she pushes it back down, before giving Serena vague advice about not losing her head. Suddenly, she pushes her to leave and Serena goes. Chuck emerges from underneath the duvet and Blair tells him: "This has got to end.

Not since the self-punching psychopath who obsessed over Marisa and heralded the beginning of the end for Fox's sudser has their been such vehemence surrounding an interloper among the pretty-young-things set. Only this time, unlike Oliver, who just sucked, Juliet has become the character we both bitch about and kind of crush on. And we're not the only ones feeling the love-hate. All over Twitter last night, the comments were fast and ferocious "I'm ready for Juliet to pass away," tweeted one of the few fans not employing vulgarities , and they only got more furious as the episode played out. The fact that Juliet aligned with the show's super-despised Vanessa and Jenny to bring down Serena may have aided in upping the ire being hurled at her, but that collaboration is sure to implode soon enough. After all, Jenny? She needs to go, and go far away.

What Is Julietís Deal?

But things blow up for the new girl this week. This week, Nate decides he is ready for closure from his fling with Juliet.

Juliet Cynthia Sharp is a recurring character in the fourth season of Gossip Girl, during which she served as the main antagonist. She appeared exclusively within the television adaption and is portrayed by Katie Cassidy. Juliet Sharp is introduced as a student at Columbia University and served as the primary antagonist of the first half of season four. She has a personal vendetta against Serena van der Woodsen because she believed she was the reason her brother, Ben Donovan , was sent to prison, although it was later revealed that it was actually Lily van der Woodsen. Juliet makes her first appearance in the season premiere Belles de Jour as a girl Nate Archibald was attracted to at a restaurant. He attempts to flirt with her but she turns him down; although she goes with him to his suite at The Empire when he gets a call about an emergency.



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  1. Juliet Cynthia Sharp is a recurring character in the fourth season of Gossip Girl, during which she served as the main antagonist. In The Undergraduates, Blair Waldorf and Serena attempt to join Hamilton House at Columbia. However, Nate is annoyed by what Serena and Blair did to.

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