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tessa young and the restless

Mariah & Tessa -- Need You Now

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Tessa was born and grew up in a rough neighborhood in Chicago, surrounded by gangs and drugs. Her father sold drugs, her mother got hooked, and disappeared for days or weeks at a time. So Tessa pretty much raised her younger sister Crystal. Their father was a mean drunk and Tessa taught Crystal how to avoid him. Before long men began coming around wanting to have their way with Tessa, so she left home and told Crystal she would return for her once she got on her feet. After Zack threatened her, Tessa left town.

Tessa and her sister, Crystal, grew up in Chicago with a father who was an alcoholic and drug dealer, and her mother, who was hooked on drugs and would often disappear. Tessa looked out for her younger sister, but eventually left, and told Crystal she would come back for her. Crystal worked for a guy from the same area of Chicago, Zach Stinnett, but took off after he threatened her and wound up in Genoa City. Nikki realized she was homeless and hired her to give her grandson, Reed, guitar lessons. She also hired her on as her personal assistant and invited her to move in. Tessa met Noah Newman while appearing on open mic nights at The Underground, the club owned by his father, Nick Newman.

Cait Fairbanks Releases New Music Video, Noise, As Ginesse

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Cait Elizabeth Baunoch, known on-screen as Cait Fairbanks , is an American actress, has started acting at a tender age. She started performing on theater and has appeared in more than 20 theater productions. But Tinker assured his fans that his character is still touring and will return on their screens soon. As for Fairbanks, viewers know that her character Tessa is making a musical comeback. There has been a lot of changes in the show and fans are getting more worried. Viewers may recall that Mal Young left the sudser as head writer and executive producer earlier this year. He was replaced by Josh Griffith while Anthony Morina took on the executive producer position.

And after turning to crime, some fans assumed it was the end of her, but Tessa has tried to get her act together. Will it be enough? Nikki also hired Tessa to be her personal assistant, and when she realized the young woman was living out of her car, invited her to live at the ranch with the family. Tessa also began playing at The Underground, where Noah Newman became smitten with her and asked her out. After hearing Tessa playing at the club, Devon Hamilton signed her to his new record label. When he and Mariah Copeland attended a music festival, they invited Tessa and Noah along. But as Mariah was helping Tessa get ready, she impulsively kissed her!

Tessa Porter

Fans who scanned this year's announcement of Daytime Emmy Award nominees didn't see The Young and the Restless actress Cait Fairbanks Tessa Porter on the list, but the talented performer actually was honored with a nomination -- albeit in a category not many actors find themselves in: Outstanding Original Song. Fans may have missed the fact that she cowrote the song with the soap's music supervisor, RC Cates, because she is credited not as Cait Fairbanks but rather as Cait Baunoch, which is her birth name. In celebration of her Emmy nomination, Soap Central spoke with Fairbanks about the rare opportunity of being a performer who's being honored for behind-the-scenes work. Can the unpredictable character be trusted? Will she continue to spread her wings as a singer in Genoa City? And do Tessa and Mariah a. Teriah have staying power?

She has been played by Cait Fairbanks since March 24, The character is described as an upbeat, free spirit singer, who has a strong intuition. Tessa is currently in a relationship with Mariah Copeland. Tessa was spotted by Nikki Newman , playing guitar outside of Crimson Lights. Nikki hired Tessa to be Reed Hellstrom 's music teacher. Tessa talked with someone on the phone, and told them that Genoa City was a great place.

Tessa Porter (as played by Cait Fairbanks on The Young and the Restless) Tessa was playing guitar for change outside Crimson Lights, when Sharon.
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Candace Young. Friday, March 22nd, Update March 22, Soaps. The video features Ginesse in a series of outfits and wigs singing about the ongoing noise in her head. The lyrics play onscreen so viewers can sing along with her. Check it out below. On November 5, , Soaps.



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