Most popular dog breeds in japan

Popular Dog Breeds in Japan and the U.S.

most popular dog breeds in japan

Unsurprisingly, the most famous dog in Japan is also the most popular Japanese dog breed – the Shiba Inu.

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Japan is famous around the world for their sushi , sneaky and awesome ninjas, and incredible manga or anime stories. But, more than these, the country also takes pride in their unique and very famous Japanese dog breeds. In fact, the most famous pooch on the internet, Kabosu, belongs to the Shiba Inu breed that originates from Japan. It was back in the year when Japan experienced a pet boom. In the eyes of the people of Japan at least, dogs have quickly become a realistic and viable substitute to raising a kid. From , the combined number of dogs and cats has even managed to outnumber the number of kids in the country.

Japanis a country of surprises and amazement and has a rich heritage of flora and fauna. Canines are not an exception to this. Japan is house to many popular and interesting dog breeds and there is no doubt why it can list them undernational treasure. Few of these breeds are quite popular across the globe and can be seen at dog shops whereas few others are happy being in Japan only, the reason behind this is, it costs heavy to buy and transport a dog from one country to another. I am sure you will find something new. It is a most popular breed in Japan and dogs belonging to this family are known for their loyalty and companionship.

But did you know Japan is also home to many unique and widely popular dog breeds as well? And as you can guess, popularity of Japanese dog breeds have sky-rocketed in recent years. At least in the eyes of the Japanese, dogs quickly became a viable and realistic alternative to raising a child. Since , the combined number of cats and dogs have outnumbered the number of children in Japan. This gap is only widening with increasingly more pets being introduced into the economy every year. The rise of the popularity of Japanese dogs is real. There is no denying it.

Over the last few decades, pet ownership in Japan has gradually moved from a predominantly utilitarian function to a concept that more fully incorporates pets into the family system. In the minority of cases, pets are now considered to be family members. To many Japanese , pets are as well loved as children, and may even serve as a substitute for those who choose to forgo child-rearing. In the context of spiritual hierarchy , pets occupy the space directly below humans, but above all other animals and forms of life. This position within the family is presented through various forms within the everyday flow of contemporary life, spiritual expression, memorialization , and burial rites of Japanese pets. Pets have been increasing in numbers throughout Japan. Providing a convenient way for companionship without having the demands that a child would, pets are a popular alternative for people who do not have the time required to raise a baby.

Every dog hails from somewhere in the world and there are a variety of amazing dog breeds from Japan. Can you guess which breed was refined in Japan but probably originated in China or Korea? These dogs of the rising sun pack a mighty bark and spot in history. See how many of these are familiar and which ones surprise you. It is believed this breed, whose name in Japanese means brushwood, originated over 3, years ago. Bred to hunt primarily birds and small game animals, the dog would occasionally hunt for deer, boar, and bear with his owner.

Cute animals are also very popular in Japan and there are even TV shows and social media dedicated to hamsters, rabbits, kittens, puppies, and other cute things. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that Japan is also a dog-loving country! Many families have sweet dogs as pets and sometimes they even dress them up in clothes! Here are five lovely dog breeds I see a lot when I am walking around in Tokyo. Compared to other dog breeds, the Shiba Inu is quite independent more like a cat than other more needy types. The Akita is larger and heavier than the Shiba and is popular in America as well as Japan. Probably the most well-known Akita is the famous Hachiko, who waited for his owner at Shibuya Station to return home from work each day, and even waited longer after his owner died.

Japan’s Most Famous Dog Breed: The Akita-inu

When you decide to stay in Japan for good, and you want to own a pet, you might want to consider getting yourself a dog. The findings in the ruins of the Joman period from 7, BC to the beginning of history , suggest that dogs coexisted with men as early as the Stone Age.

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