Even a miracle needs a hand

Even A Miracle Needs a Hand

even a miracle needs a hand

Even a Miracle Needs a Hand (Joel Grey) - HQ Audio only from Original Soundtrack


With only 20 seconds of animation done, Cartman walks out and Kenny gets killed but miraculously Kyle and Stan manage to get their animated film to print. Cornwalis doesn't feel like he's a part of Christmas because he's just a piece of crap. Hankey t Hankey fixes the projector and the boys' animated special finally brings back the spirit of Chri The boys go searching for Mr.

The plot is also rather bizarre, and yet another example of a Christmas special with a temperamental Santa Claus. When a precocious mouse child named Albert writes a letter to the local paper calling Santa a fraud, the big guy boycotts the whole town. This is a version of St. Unfortunately, the clock falls apart during the dedication ceremony. Turns out that this is also the work of Albert, who wanted to see how it worked. Finally, on Christmas Eve, Albert decides to fix the clock himself, bringing along a book on astronomy for some reason. I mean, there were entire gears falling out of it earlier.

"Even a Miracle Needs a Hand" is a original song from the Rankin/Bass special'Twas the Night Before Christmas.
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Sign in. Father Mouse : Merry Christmas, Mr. Joshua Trundle : Not very merry, I'm afraid. Father Mouse : You were right, of course. And it's my fault, my family's. Joshua Trundle : How so? Father Mouse : My older boy, Albert.

Even A Miracle Needs A Hand

Reprise: Even A Miracle Needs A Hand

One studio that became synonymous with Holiday specials was Rankin-Bass Productions. While the majority of their Christmas specials like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer were done with stop-motion animation, they also produced several hand-drawn animated specials like Frosty the Snowman. Studying animation, one thing I noted in a lot of the older productions was a lack of logic at times in order to push some stories through to their completion. Plus, if you examine a few of those cartoons, the stories are a little questionable. One such example is in Frosty the Snowman , in which after her adventures with Frosty, a little girl named Karen is returned to her home by Frosty and Santa Claus. However, where do they leave her? Not at the front door, but on the roof of her home!


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