Joes steaks and soda shop

Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop

joes steaks and soda shop

Good riddance "Chinks", Support Joe's Steaks & Soda Shop

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Those with a golden ticket will get voucher for a large cheesesteak redeemable for 50 cents. Well, the year of specials is over, but the celebration isn't. Joe's Steaks announced that through the month of May, the Torresdale Avenue location is running a Willy Wonka-inspired competition. Joe's Steaks is located at Torresdale Ave. There's also a location in Fishtown, but it's not part of the contest. Let us know. Sinead Cummings PhillyVoice Staff.

It happened this past Friday. Many Philadelphians applauded the move, which had been a long time coming. The Philadelphia Bar Association even adopted a public resolution criticizing it. But as time passed, Groh, now 55, came to a new conclusion. Not only was having a racial slur as a brand name morally unacceptable, he realized, it was also bad business.

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A second restaurant location opened in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia in In addition to its cheesesteak sandwich specialty, the company purveys other types of sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, and other foods. In , long time employee, Joe Groh, purchased the restaurant from Sherman's family. In , Groh changed the name of the restaurant to Joe's Steaks due to controversy from its former use of the ethnic slur " chink ". Groh expanded to a second location in Fishtown which opened on April 1, Joe's Steaks specializes in cheesesteak sandwiches, and also serves other types of sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages, hand-cut fries, sodas, milkshakes and sundaes. Erin O'Neill of NJ.

5 years after ditching a racist name, cheesesteak icon Joes Steaks is ready to expand again

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