Sleeping direction as per vastu

IDEAL Sleeping Directions as per Vastu [MUST READ]

sleeping direction as per vastu

Sleeping Directions as per vastu


You must keep your head while sleeping towards the east direction in order to get an undisturbed sleep. Another good sleeping direction will be keeping head towards the west. If you can keep your head in such direction, it will easily supply positive energy in individual whenever they wake up. The blood circulation of individual will also be increased with the help of proper directional sleep. Proper sleep helps in concentration in whatever work people are doing. This creates stress and tension.

Sunaina Mehta, a homemaker from Mumbai , had been quarreling with her husband a lot. These were trivial issues but they sometimes ballooned into heated arguments. Then Sunaina did something unusual she rearranged their bedroom and tossed out a stack of broken CDs and a DVD player she had stored in the bed box. Mehta shares how marital bliss soon returned to their home. She had followed the laws of Vastu Shastra while rearranging their bedroom. See also: Vastu tips for choosing a new apartment.

Head in North: Sleeping with your head in North direction is not recommended by vastu shastra. In fact, as per vastu, one must never keep his.
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Switch off your smartphone and all electronic gadgets before bedtime. Photo: rf. Adequate sleep is vital for our body, mind and spirit. According to Vasthu Sastra, the location and direction of our bed can affect our mood, energy, thinking power, health and happiness when we wake up. Vasthu experts spoke about the importance of location and sleeping directions, while astrologers showed how planets like the moon, Mars, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune can influence our sleep.

The Importance Of Sleeping Directions In Vastu

After a long tiring day, your bed is your best friend where you can just fall and get lulled to sleep for at least some hours., Restful sleep is as important as healthy food for optimal brain and body performance.



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  1. Which is the Best Sleeping Direction as per Vastu shastra? According to sleeping Vastu arrangement the advantages of good sleep and which.

  2. Vastu sleeping direction is beneficial & easy. Vastu Shastra sleeping tips cover direction & location for sound & comfortable sleep.

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