Hardest monster in monster hunter world


hardest monster in monster hunter world

In Monster Hunter: World, the player is tasked with tracking down and slaying huge, aggressive 'monsters.' There are a huge number of these.

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Monster Hunter: World continues this tradition. In fact, the whole gameplay scheme revolves around mere bosses and fights with them that can take around 20 minutes on average for new players. Monster Hunter games have this habit of reskinning some monster models and passing them off as other versions but they're mostly just blatant filler. It's essentially a Rathalos but more aggressive and hates the ground-- for most of the fight, it stays airborne. Even the Tempered versions of the Azure Rathalos can kill most players in one or two fireballs. Thankfully, you can deal with this annoying dragon-wannabe quite easily with Flash Pods. The Tempered version of Lavasioth is quite broken and can also kill players with one or two well-timed fireball attacks.

Not all Monsters in Monster Hunter World are created equally. Some fights can be completed easily by simply showing up, while others are a bit more difficult and can often elicit moments of pure rage and salt. This post will focus on the latter of these two types of fights-the Monsters that make you angry. Below you will find the 7 hardest Monsters in Monster Hunter World. This speed can make fighting the monster with melee weapons hard, especially if you main the greatsword like I do. Speed aside, Odogaron also enjoys causing bleed damage which is unique to this monster. Both Rathian and Rathalos will really test your abilities as a monster hunter.

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Monster Hunter: World - 10 Hardest Monsters (And How To Beat Them)


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  1. Monster Hunter World is up there with Dark Souls as the toughest games in modern gaming. This list will showcase the 10 toughest monsters in.

  2. While selecting the hardest monsters in Monster Hunter World , we decided to rate each monster's difficulty by how hard they typically are when first encountered.

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