Hcc ged classes registration 2018

GED Fundamentals

hcc ged classes registration 2018

Welcome to Adult Education & Literacy Programs . Houston, Texas or [email protected] Equal opportunity employer/ program.

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Classes will meet Monday through Thursday. Classes include basic skills instruction, High School Equivalency preparation and workforce skills training. Dates are posted below. Please call to choose a registration date and have your name placed on a roster. Your instructor will get to know you, your strengths, weaknesses and goals which will help them plan lessons to meet your needs. Your studies will include reading, writing, social studies, science, math and academic and career ready skills.

Get your GED Diploma in 3 months. Join Covcel Now. Upon the successful completion of one of these exams, test-takers receive a State of Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency. The GED program allows you to take and pay for one test module at a time and you have two years to complete the entire GED battery. Check how Covcel can help you.

The good news is that if your advisor is unavailable, you can visit ANY of the faculty members within the department. Once you have met with a faculty advisor and completed your academic plan for the next semester, Visit the course search page on the Housatonic website to access the course schedule Build your schedule by choosing the days and times that work for you based on the classes you and your advisor agreed-upon Register!!!! Visit the Registrars office to register in person or Sign into mycommnet and get registered online - which ever works best for you!!! In addition to an original registration, you may also add courses. All requirements mentioned in previous sections apply to online registration. More information on myCommNet here.

College can be notoriously expensive. Registration runs from May 4 to May Per the news site, the initiative is structured to serve those lacking an associate degree or a diploma valid in the United States, individuals interested in earning a high school equivalency GED, TASC, HiSET or develop their English language capabilities are encouraged to take advantage of this program. However, candidates must fulfill the aforementioned qualifications to be considered. Students must also meet testing criteria.

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As part of its Adult Education and Literacy contract with the Gulf Coast Workforce Development Board, Houston Community College is required to offer workplace literacy, workforce literacy and other career pathway programs for adult learners. The curriculum for Workplace Literacy projects is customized and based on authentic print and other media that are used by workers for their day-to-day health, safety and environmental work activities. Instructors use authentic media to teach Reading, Writing, Math and Language skills to workers and simultaneously reinforce the acquisition content of the materials. Workplace literacy is a fee-based service with employers, employees and the college in combination, supporting necessary project costs. Employers at a minimum pay for the cost of instruction with other costs such as supervision, instructional materials and curriculum design being negotiated.

Get the skills you need to earn your high school diploma. This continuing education course is primarily designed for ESL students to improve their English reading, writing, and vocabulary skills, as well as the scientific knowledge needed to transition into further GED preparation courses. This continuing education course is primarily designed for ESL students to improve their English reading, writing, and vocabulary skills, as well as the historical knowledge needed to transition into further GED preparation courses. Explore and learn math vocabulary needed to begin preparing for the GED. Topics include whole number operations, decimals, fractions, percentages, and word problems.

These courses may be appropriate for students who are:. Financial aid is regularly available. To find out more, email hcc. These academies allow students to attend college without a TSI test and earn a Level 1 certificate. Each certificate program is between 6 months and two years long, and the classes are all credit courses with a combination of workforce preparation and an added support course throughout the program. When a student signs up for a Level 1 college certificate using financial aid or self-financing, HCC supports the student until graduation.

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What does the Houston Community College Adult Education & Literacy program offer? What should I expect at the registration & orientation session?.
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