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beauty and the beast proposal

Read Callie and Regan's Beauty and the Beast-Inspired Proposal's marriage proposal story on the only site that makes you cry (happy.


Disney fans, this Beauty and the Beast -inspired proposal story is going to steal your heart. Fast forward to their magical Disney proposal, which, as Angel explained, "was a no-brainer. Andrea had never been to Disney World, so Angel plotted out all the details for about a year and a half, including the custom ring he made for her. He enlisted the help of their best friends, another couple, who told Andrea they wanted to renew their vows at Disney World. Andrea was "ecstatic" to have a reason to go, and they introduced her to Disneybounding an excuse for her and Angel to dress up as Belle and the Beast. Fast forward to the big moment at the Be Our Guest Restaurant, where Angel managed to "shock" his other half.

Once upon a time there was an unsuspecting princess about to get the surprise of a lifetime. Lynch began sewing the princess dress in October using a pattern he found online for a Belle cosplay costume. Once the oblivious bride-to-be arrived, she saw the magnificent gown and burst into tears. It was at that moment she realized what was actually happening. Joel seemed to master that look and I could definitely feel that. All rights reserved. Play Courtesy of Leah Lynch.

And the fact that I watched the whole 11 minutes is proof of how awesome it is. This guy wanted to propose at Disney World, but for some reason was unable to. So, he brought Disney World to her. She was kidnapped on the way home by a hunchback and a Robin Hood-esque character, blind folded and taken to a house where she was met by people who got her all dolled up to look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. As she entered the backyard, she was greeted first by a little girl dressed as Alice who helped lead her around to different princesses who had notes for her and then she was got to watch a video on a tablet at each checkpoint that told a different part of the story of her and her future-husband described repeatedly as a ginger dragon turned prince. Meanwhile, important onlookers attended dressed as various Disney Characters including grandma dressed as a fairy!

It's a tale as old as time: Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy plans elaborate, romantic, Beauty and the Beast -themed proposal for girl, boy and girl live happily ever after. Or, at least, that's the fairytale Imgur user jel just brought to life for his girlfriend and his story proves that Disney princes and princesses everywhere truly need to step their game up. In a series of photos posted to Imgur on Sunday, jel explains that his girlfriend Cara has been obsessed with Belle from Beauty and the Beast since she was a kid, so he wanted to bring her favorite film to life when he proposed to her. Wanting to recreate the famous scene, I decided to make her the dress to coincide with my proposal. So jel did just that: Using a cheap sewing machine "and coffee.

Belle's Dress Recreated For 'Beauty And The Beast' Proposal

Wembo got in touch with us a couple days before wanting to 'pop the question' to his beautiful girlfriend Jessica. Our Proposal Planners got to work by getting to know their relationship to tailor their proposal around this - Forget about the Beauty and the Beast movie.

It was a fairy tale come true for this fiance, who hand-sewed an elaborate ball gown for his Belle before proposing in a library.
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