Is it illegal to collect rainwater in pa

Rainwater Harvesting Laws You Need to Know About

is it illegal to collect rainwater in pa

Some U.S. states have laws restricting collection of rainwater, making it proved that letting people collect rainwater on their property actually reduces . in claiming the water regulation plan is illegal and a land takeover. In Pennsylvania, a water system does not need to notify customers of their.

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On this blog I do not intend to focus on taking a political stance on the legality or morality of rain water harvesting. I do want to deal with truth and factual information regarding rain water harvesting. Keep a watchful eye on all government, always. Follow the money trail to corruption. Do not react out of ignorance resulting in misplaced anger.

Therefore, the laws around rainwater harvesting can be a concern. As of right now, the federal government does not regulate rainwater harvesting at all, but rather, leaves it up to the individual state governments. Make sure that your rainwater harvesting trade contractor is aware of and complies with local codes and regulations. Out of the lower 48 states in the U. But in most states, rainwater harvesting is either not regulated at all, or actually encouraged by the state government as a method for water conservation, stormwater management, and water availability. If it follows the current trajectory, this is a resounding no. More and more states are adopting rainwater harvesting and even using it on public and government buildings.

As used in this Part, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:. RAIN BARREL: A ready-made or self-fabricated aboveground durable fiberglass, polypropylene, resin, recycled steel or lined wooden containment vessel that collects rainwater for Non-Potable outdoor use from a rooftop drainage system. Rain Barrels may only be installed by fee simple owners of real property, or by tenants who obtain written permission from the owner prior to installation. Rain Barrels shall only be used to collect rainwater for Non-Potable use on lawns and gardens, for irrigation, for washing vehicles and for other outdoor uses. Under no circumstances shall water from a Rain Barrel be used for any potable purpose, including without limitation drinking, cooking or bathing.

However, if you, for whatever reason, wanted not only to experience the rain but keep some for yourself, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law. For the full list of rules state by state, check this resource guide, courtesy of the Natural Conference of State Legislatures. In order to continue their gold-digging aspirations, miners would dig channels that siphoned water from sources that could be miles away.
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This Is Why Itís Illegal to Collect Rainwater in Some States

30 Days In Jail For Collecting Rainwater.

Rainwater harvesting regulations state by state





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  1. But is it illegal to collect rainwater or have some of these stories been .. Rainwater collecting is legal in Pennsylvania and is in fact.

  2. Droughts, water supply worries and population changes serve as catalysts for states to consider legislation related to water conservation and alternative sources of water including rainwater harvesting.

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