Prophesy of pendor knighthood orders

Custom Knighthood Order

prophesy of pendor knighthood orders

Knighthood Orders are more than just groups of mere knights; they are military organizations that include some of the most versatile and powerful units in the.

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In addition to the equipment already available to your Custom Knighthood Order , more higher end and much more expensive equipment can be unlocked from several sources. In some cases, the unlock gives items of their own troops, but sometimes like Rasmus and Obrist they will unlock equipment from their main enemies:. Most will have a special option in where you trade their freedom for the receipts, but a few all with "bonus with Diamonds" will unlock some items as a bonus the first time you trade their freedom for Diamonds. Rasmus is the sole leader and founder of the Inquisition , he will unlock high tier D'Shar and Heretic gear:. Maltise is the leader of the Dread Legion , an advanced Snake Cult army, who can be ransomed for these recipes:. Ithilrandir is known as the most fair and just leader of the Noldor. He unlocks:.

The player has the ability to create a chapter of his or her very own custom Order. The requirements are a Qualis Gem , 20, denars, 30 honor and a walled fief city or castle.
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They always fight unmounted, using crossbows before engaging with heavy weapons. Their tenacity and might in combat surpasses even the strongest Fierdsvain infantry. The Order of the Ebony Gauntlet is extremely anti- Noldor , with it following that they are at odds with the Order of the Silvermist Rangers as well. While they may lack the steeds most other Orders use heavily, they are not to be underestimated. Wielding siege crossbows with unmatched accuracy, they can easily take down foes at a distance that many longbowmen have difficulty trying to even hit and thanks to these heavy-duty crossbows their bolts both Mettenheim Bolts and Siege Bolts can hit harder than most bows do; this allows these knights to take down or cripple foes at a greater distance than many bowmen and just about anyone else with a crossbow to their name.

Knighthood Orders are more than just groups of mere knights; they are military organizations that include some of the most versatile and powerful units in the game. In addition, most Orders start with a chapter in one of the cities, some even with two, though some Orders require the player to found a Chapter before being able to be join. One day you may be given 1 single knight, whilst the next one, 2 knights and 2 sergeants. The fief will stop producing knights and sergeants if there are 33 of the former or 53 of the latter. The lord that owns the fief with an order will have some order knights and sergeants in his party. Finally, every faction will give its lords a few knights from their respective factional order.

The Order of the Griffon was established prior to the founding of Pendor ; this prestigious order of knights was the royal guards of the line of Cavalas. The plague of wiped out a large number of the Order knights as well as the royal family. After the plague, they put aside their differences and worked with the Order of the Lion to maintain order in the land. In the rd year after the founding of Pendor, in the forests of Laria , it is said the order made its last stand against a small army of the Jatu who were assaulting the larian farmlands. While successful in defending Laria from being plundered by the Jatu, not a single knight of this once proud order survived. The great hall of the Griffon Knights in Sarleon stood empty for many years until being converted into an abbey. Canonically, the Order of the Griffon should be the player's first choice for a knighthood order, assuming they wish to follow the path of the old kings of Pendor.

Order of the Griffon

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