Ponytail hairstyles step by step

How To: Easy Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle

ponytail hairstyles step by step

Want the best glam ponytail tutorials the internet has to offer? Want pony tails that are simple? We got you covered. Step by step pictures and tutorials.

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I think this ponytail is really classy and very practical and you can dress it both up and down. This hairstyle can be made very sleek and fancy looking it you are going to a party or an event, but you can also make it looser and messier and not use extensions. That dresses it down, so you can wear it for an everyday hairstyle. Step 1 : Make a small ponytail that goes from your ears to the top of your head and cover the elastic with some hair. Step 4 : Smooth out the top layer of hair, so the bubble will have a sleek look. Step 8 : Take the remaining hair and tie it into a small ponytail. So now that you know, how to make a bubble ponytail in own hair, there are so many more hairstyles that you can do.

We were recently checking out our friend Erin's blog and came across this amazing Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle tutorial she created that we fell absolutely in love with!
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If you saw this article and thought, Really? Twenty-one different ponytails? I get itóno need to complicate something so simple, and also, 21?? Come on. So I rounded up 21 of the best ponies Instagram has to offer to get you out of your style rut.


Though the style has been in high demand for the past few years, basic ponytails are out, and supersized, stylized ponytails are in. All you need are the right tools and the patience to get it done. Unfortunately, ponytails can cause a lot of tension in your hair, which may lead to hair breakage.


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