Motivation to clean my room

10 Lifehacks That'll Trick You Into Cleaning Up & Organizing Your Place

motivation to clean my room


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Have you ever wanted a really clean room but have no motivation to get out of your bed and shut off Netflix? Here are some tips to get you inspired and out of that bed! No body wants to clean in tight jeans and a dress shirt. Opt for some sweats and tank or shorts and a big T-shirt. Turn on some of your favorite jams and just rock out. Nothing too slow or melodic though-- You want to be pumped up! Rome wasn't built in a day, so allow yourself time to get things done.

I get a lot of emails asking how to get motivated to clean. Sometimes, we lose our motivation to clean house for predictable reasons. Life gets busy with school or work, for instance, and we have a temporary shift in our priorities. There are other times when the cause is out of our control. We are grappling with more important, life-altering things.

Oct 9, The “Make and Pile” Method Might Save Your Messy Bedroom you were to flip the script and use an orderly room to motivate you before you.
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But I wanted to share my favorite tips that I use to get myself motivated. Please share in the comments what you do! The best part? You get to go through the rest of your day with a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Things that get scheduled have a better chance of getting done. Schedule yourself an hour each week that you dedicate to cleaning. If it helps, you can even make a detailed list about what you want to accomplish during your hour.

How To Get Motivated To Clean

We're not going to sit here and try to convince you that cleaning is fun. Unless you're a hyper-organized person who finds their bliss while alphabetizing their bookshelves, a to-do list of chores is the opposite of a good time.

8 Steps To Motivate You To Clean Your Room

Show less Do you quickly get bored while cleaning your room? Are you quickly distracted? Or do you not even bother to start? Show your parents you're responsible and get to cleaning -- but this time, have fun and stay motivated! It might sound silly, but try to think about all the benefits of a clean room, like how much easier it will be to choose clothes from your dresser instead of from piles on the floor. Additionally, try cranking up some music so you can make cleaning your room fun!



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