Shaunie o neal and evelyn lozada

Basketball Wives Star Shaunie ONeal Calls Out Evelyn Lozada, Addresses Controversial Comment

shaunie o neal and evelyn lozada

ET LIVE with 'Basketball Wives' Shaunie O'Neal & Evelyn Lozada

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Of course, Tami was the one who spilled the beans about the rumor, but as the story went, Jennifer told Tami about it first more than a year prior. Looking back, Shaunie said she never believed Evelyn was capable of doing something like that to her, so the information caused more issues with her and Jennifer, as well as with Tami. In that moment, I just wanted to know, who made this up? Because I never thought Evelyn was guilty of that. Why now?

Shaunie O'Neal says she never believed that Evelyn Lozada would sleep with her ex, and the rumor changed her friendship with Tami Roman.
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All guests were encouraged to wear attire that paid homage to the 90s sitcom. Evelyn Lozada and her son, Carl Leo Crawford, were two of many guests to go to the extreme of things. I know your parents are so proud of you! The teen took to Instagram earlier this month after stopping by the set of Bad Boys 3 to see Will in action. Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit the Bad Boys 3 movie set and shaqironeall was able to meet his favorite actor. The scenery was reminiscent of what one would see in an old episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with the DJ taking center stage and party guests having loads of fun on the dance floor. Shaq recently described his approach to co-parenting during a recent interview.



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