Is it a sin to work on sunday

Should Christians Work on Sundays? A Bible Study

is it a sin to work on sunday

Is working on Sunday a Sin by JT??

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Is it a sin to work at a fast food restaurant on Sundays? I have recently got a job at hungry jacks and the manger wants me to work sundays. Perhaps you could attend Saturday evening Masses or Sunday evenings? Still, when you can go, then go. Is it false then to believe it is necessary to receive a dispensation from a priest for not getting to mass on Sunday or Saturday evening? Good day.

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The word is the fountain of life. Many people have jobs that require them to work on Sunday. One such person once asked to speak to me concerning the question: Is it a sin to work on Sunday? After our discussion he asked me to write about the topic. He believed that as a result many with a burdened conscience might find relief.

My job requires me to work on Sundays, but my boss has arranged my hours so I can attend worship. But is working on the Sabbath wrong, even if I attend a church service that day? Today we live under God's grace rather than the Old Testament law Romans Let me explain. In the Old Testament, the law said the Sabbath had to remain holy.

Is it a sin to work on Sunday

Let me start of by saying that I am a Christian and these are my views about Christians working on Sunday. Before we can answer the question, I think we need to look at three aspects of the Sabbath: the importance , the intent , and the application. - Is it a sin to work on Sunday?

Is it a sin to work on Sunday?


Can Christians Work on Sundays?


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  1. D oes the Sabbath command apply to Christians today and as such, should they not work on Sunday?

  2. Answer: Working on Sunday is definitely not a sin. Working on Sunday is not prohibited in the Bible. The idea that Christians should not be working on Sunday .

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