Why is my crack gooey

Oxi: Twice as powerful as crack cocaine at just a fraction of the price

why is my crack gooey

It wouldnt dry to the knife while stirring as usual, but remained a gooey blob. It's more like chunks of semi dried toothpaste rolled into small oily.

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The book is updated and includes more information on making crack than what is presented here. How to make meth and PCP are also included. However, it needs to be stated that nothing either here or in the book is meant to be implemented in anyway. It is for entertainment purposes only. These are the ten ordered steps on how to make crack. There are other ways in which you can do it, but this book is meant to be primarily about pimping, not the production of crack.

A granulocytosis can kill you, but its symptoms are frustratingly broad. Some people's throats close up. Some people get diarrhea. Some people get skin infections, sores in their mouth or anus, or just a fever. Some people have it, don't know it, and get better without seeing a doctor. Some people don't see a doctor until it's too late.

The snakes come at night, darting out of the shadows and into Marcelo's subconscious. The police are coming! A snake is coming! Everything is coming! But there is no snake. No police.

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The Mystery of the Tainted Cocaine

It's no secret that crack cocaine carries a stigma. While casual pot-smoking and cocaine use are tolerated in college dorms and clubs, crack cocaine is often considered to be on a different level -- a "hard" drug, like heroin. -


4 biggest myths about crack



I evaporated water containing cocaine by heating it up with low heat, but it's brown in colour. Itís not just heat thats needed, baking soda and water are also needed. Why did my crack not stick to my penny when I cooked my cocaine into crack with baking soda and water?.
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