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san jose mercury news sports

Steve Kerr says Warriors didn't have intensity needed to win

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Randall Keith and I are talking about the past when his boss, Dave Butler, slides open a glass door, eases his long frame into a chair, plants his feet on the conference room table, and makes clear by his weary affect that the topic does not interest him. Instead, this is what Butler wants to talk about when he talks about his newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News : all the many readersó2. How much he will not say, except that most of the profits still come from print. Dave Butler has been a newspaperman since , a self-described journeyman who became the editor of the Mercury News in The paper had been sold two years earlier by its longtime parent company, Knight Ridder, to the McClatchy Company. Three months into the job, Butler wrote a memo to the staff, outlining a vision that could essentially be boiled down to a simple premise: the past could no longer animate the Mercury News. Randall Keith knew.

Photo courtesy of San Jose Mercury News. To his peers, Kawakami, 49, San Jose Mercury News sports columnist, is known as the guy at the press conference who asks the hard questions. For 30 years, the old-school Philadelphia-trained journalist is absolutely unafraid to tell his readers and Jim Harbaugh what he thinks in his columns to expose the misleading realities. In , his dogged reporting earned him California Sportswriter of the Year. Growing up, Kawakami and his oldest brother and chore buddy, Paul, always argued about sports. His uncle also wrote for the publication. Out of the four boys, Paul and Tim both shared a passion for writing.

1 day ago Latest sports news, commentary analysis, photos and videos about the San Jose Sharks winger says hockey needs to do more to promote.
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On Jan. It was a high-profile trade. So I had to dive in and kind of give it my best shot. So my story, very high up, said, 'Damon, who could not be reached for comment, And sometimes that happens. While Dan was in the study getting nowhere, Susan was in the dining room talking with her sources about the breaking trade. Back then, Dan was an undergrad at UC Davis covering the football team for the student newspaper.

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Mercury News Hockey Reporter Stabbed, Suspect Still at Large

It used to be a paper with ambitions and you could move to other beats. I loved my colleagues, many of whom became really good friends. Now all of my friends have left of course, after so many layoffs. I no longer work there but from what I hear, it's a sausage factory. The staff is so thin these days, especially in the business department.

Police are still searching for a woman suspected of stabbing a Mercury News reporter at his Willow Glen home early Friday. The victim, identified by colleagues as San Jose Sharks reporter Paul Gackle, was stabbed multiple times. According to ABC7 News , the victim rents a standalone unit behind a home. Neighbors said they heard a loud noise from the unit before 3am. Minutes later, the victim emerged from his rental unit to find help.

Louis, along with six colleagues from a slice of college athletics that employs thousands of people across the nation. - Insta-reaction to Pac developments on the field and off



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