Cast iron mechanical bank values

Guide to Identifying and Valuing Vintage Mechanical Banks

cast iron mechanical bank values

Vintage Utexiqual Cast Iron Mechanical Bank "The Cat Boat" Sailboat c. 1972

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Collectors of cast-iron banks are often attracted to the nostalgia of the item. However, these banks are also collectible because of their value. Antique banks sell well at auction, in antique stores and on the Internet. Learning a few methods for appraising a bank lets you know when you have found one that will appreciate in value. There are many reproduction cast-iron banks on the market. Look at how it is made.

Thank you for showing interest in this item. You will be notified by email as soon as this item is available to purchase. Item SP Popular since the war of , mechanical banks are collectible art worldwide. This one, cast in foundry iron from a historic s mold by the Shepard Hardware Company, is authentic from top hat to soapbox.

These banks w ere generally in "Choice" or "Above Average" condition. While the finest examples often bring unpredictably high prices, low end banks and banks with problems major breaks, repairs, poor paint, rust, etc. Desirability, condition, rarity, provenance, competition, and publicity are all factors in determining prices realized at auction supply and demand. Condition is from catalog listing. Prices include buyer's premium. Morphy Auctions N.

Even banks with paint wear can be valuable, and the paint should never be touched up on these cast iron pieces. Banks should be in good working order to bring high values as well. With that said, the reason they are valuable is because they are not plentiful. And because the prices are so high, reproductions of many of these banks have been made and most are artificially aged to look old. The chance of you having an authentic mechanical bank worth thousands, especially if you found it at a flea market, are slim. Be sure to have yours authenticated and appraised by a professional before trying to sell it.

Mechanical banks were introduced in the late 19th Century in an effort to make the act of saving money fun. These banks were made to be like toys. Somewhat similar to wind-up toys and other playthings, some mechanical banks had moving parts, springs, levers, and colorful characters to entice saving money. In , the first American mechanical bank was in the form of a bureau. It was patented by its inventor, James Serrill.

How to Appraise Cast Iron Banks

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  1. Cast-iron mechanical banks can be surprisingly valuable. Collectors value original condition more than anything when it comes to these.

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