Passing out from not eating

Fainting: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

passing out from not eating

The good news is that most of the time it's not a sign of something serious. does not regain consciousness after a few minutes; passed out while exercising.

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Fainting syncope is a sudden loss of consciousness from a lack of blood flow to the brain. People who faint usually wake up quickly after collapsing. Management for fainting is simple: Let the patient recover while lying flat supine. More important than immediate management is treating the cause of the fainting. Folks who are prone to syncope commonly begin fainting at around 13 years old and continue for the rest of their lives.

One minute you're feeling a bit woozy; the next thing you know, you're flat on your back wondering what happened. No matter what you call it swooning, passing out, or fainting the experience is surprisingly common. About a third of people say they've fainted at least once. Defined as a sudden, temporary loss of consciousness, fainting occurs when something interrupts blood flow to the brain. Doctors call it syncope, which comes from a Greek word meaning "contraction" or "cut off.

Fainting is pretty common in teens. The good news is that most of the time it's not a sign of something serious. Fainting is a temporary loss of consciousness. It happens when there isn't enough blood going to the brain because of a drop in blood pressure. Blood pressure can drop from dehydration , a quick change in position, standing or sitting still for a long period, or a sudden fear of something such as the sight of blood. Physical triggers.

When should you worry about fainting?

Fainting: Frightening, but seldom serious

Fainting may be caused by something serious, such as a heart problem or a seizure, or by something minor, such as laughing too hard. Don't try to diagnose yourself; get to a hospital if you lose consciousness, even for a moment. Fainting can be alarming, and it should be. While often the cause of fainting is something minor, fainting also can be a sign of a serious underlying medical concern. Shamai Grossman, an associate professor of emergency medicine at Harvard Medical School, who has conducted 20 studies on fainting.

A full recovery usually takes a few minutes. Medications that can cause your blood pressure to drop also increase your chance of fainting. These include certain medications used to treat:. This sensitivity can cause you to faint. There are several types of syncope. Three common types include:. Always get up slowly from a sitting or lying-down position.

Apr 25, Most people who suffer from simple fainting have no underlying heart or neurological (nerve or brain) problem. Some people have a problem.
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