Duel links cyber dragon deck

Cyber Style: deck recipe

duel links cyber dragon deck

NEW Cyber Dragon One Turn Kill Deck! Worth the Hype? [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links]

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Note: We are now testing some decks to see which one will nicely work in the meta. Valhalla Calling. Mini Event: Mission Circuit. Destiny Decided! Full Metal Desperado. Train Your Kuriboh!

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This is the 21st Main Box and was released on July 11th, Test In Pack Simulator. Aliens - I was initially very hyped for the revealed Alien support but it seems like the prevalance of targetting is gonna make it a little weaker than advertsed. Mermails - Probably the big draw of the box, this seems like a mixed bag; one of the biggest criticisms of the earlier Mermails was no strong turn 1 play, but with Abyss-sphere it looks like that might change. Mermail Abyssteus is also probably the most bang for your buck, only costing 1 monster discard to SS, and replenishes the hand immediately. Mermail Abysslinde is basically Secret Six Samurai - Fuma for the archetype, and we already know how powerful he can be, so I imagine this deck will play with power level comparable to Six Samurai, but might have consistency issues.

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OP Cyber Dragon Deck!

So, I'm back at it again. This time I wanna show off the finished and tested Cyber Dragon deck I built after getting Zane to lvl Below you'll find the deck recipe along with the method to the madness, as well as 3 back to back replays of the deck in action.

Cyber Dragon Zwei

Free-to-play mobile spinoff Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links recently made its way to Steam, and while I don't love it like I do the standard Yu-Gi-Oh card game, its authentic presentation and snappy interface are enough to give fans of the series hours of nostalgic fun. Of course, PvP is at the heart of all card games, and Duel Links is no exception. As I detailed in my impressions piece , Duel Links uses speed duel rules. This rule set essentially cuts standard Yu-Gi-Oh in half: 4, life points instead of 8,, six board spaces instead of 10, one main phase instead of two, 20 card decks instead of 40, and a smaller starting hand. Duel Links also lacks extra deck tools like Synchro, XYZ and Pendulum cards, as well as several archetype-specific finishers and support cards.

Valhalla Calling. Mini Event: Mission Circuit. Destiny Decided! Full Metal Desperado. Train Your Kuriboh! Duel Links Cyber Style: deck recipe.

Cyber Dragon Structure Deck?



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