Love comes in many forms

Family, friends, partners: loving and the many forms of love

love comes in many forms

“Love comes in many forms. It's not always sweet. Or comfortable. Sometimes it's selfish and consuming. Volatile. It makes choices for you. It demands you obey.

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You know, just like one of those cheesy scenes from one of your favorite lovey-dovey movies. It is not always light, bright and euphoric. Life is imperfect and messy and sometimes when you need your partner the most they simultaneously need you more. They want to feel listened to, they want to feel heard, they want to feel special and desired. They need to feel seen for who they really are and what they are truly going through, or else they will not be happy or fulfilled in a relationship.

James Macias , Reporter September 10, We first experience love when we bond with our mothers during infancy. Yes, I recognize that some people will be able to say that they did not have or did not bond with their mothers. This first experience with love is always the same for everyone because we all come into the world with completely blank minds. We know nothing except that we need to eat and cannot feed ourselves.

What is love, anyway? Specifically, what is “old love?” As we age, we can look back on the many loving relationships in our lives. Maybe we.
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Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Or comfortable. It makes choices for you. It demands you obey it, not taking no for an answer. It knows you better than you know yourself. Share this quote:.

Love is when Cleo looks and run towards me, wagging her tail like a wheel - her barks just add to my adoration for her. It is when Bhaiya never expresses, but starts to crack his knuckles when a single teardrop starts to form in my eyes; when Papa never says those three words, yet proves it day in and day out. The enormous and endless love affair between the majestic sky and the swaying ocean is a testimony of true bond, as they create a wonderful horizon for the world to look at, and revel in its beauty. The flowers exude their tenderness through the nectar, which they provide for the butterflies. Love has no tags, and no people.

Love comes in many forms and shapes


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Love is something that supports us at the hardest of times and comes in many different forms. Sometimes love means sending a bouquet of flowers, and other.
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