Creative yankee swap gift ideas

What Should You Even Gift at a White Elephant or Yankee Swap Christmas Party Anyway?!

creative yankee swap gift ideas

The following is a list of the 21 best yankee swap gifts you can choose from: Explore your inner creativity with each of the 48 single-sided coloring pages, and An adjustable temperature control, and cool touch handles make this pot user.

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You may be asking what a Yankee Swap Party is. Sometimes known as a White Elephant Gift Exchange, this party is a clever way to spice up the good old fashioned gift exchange that your family and co-workers bore you with year after year. The rules can vary, but simply, everyone is directed to contribute a gift within a certain price range. Usually, to assure everyone gets something nice, the limit is up to twenty-five dollars. As each person arrives with their gift they are asked to draw a number from a hat.

For the fun, the wild, and the completely outrageous Yankee swaps going on this holiday season, these gifts are sure to take the cake for some of the most creative and wacky gifts in the game. Cat calendars, bottle stopper gardening kits, and sloth-shaped mugs make these swap gifts range from totally creative to weirdly lovable. We're sure you'll find exactly what you need for all of the quirky swaps you have this season. Shop them ahead! View On One Page. Photo 0 of Previous Next Start Slideshow.

Affiliate Disclosure: We may earn an affiliate commission from the links on this page. Or, wait, is that the same thing as a Yankee Swap? More on that at another time. Everyone typically plays by different rules, but the point is everyone draws numbers to see who goes first and that person picks a gift out of the pile from what everyone brought to the party. You still with us?

11 of the Best Gift Exchange Games for All Ages

Secret Santa gift exchanges typically go one of two ways: You either pick your work wife or the person who works on a completely different and only occasionally bump into at the water cooler. And with the growing number of gifts you have to buy this holiday season , there's no way you have ample time or money to spend on gifts for that coworker you should know by now

Best Yankee Swap Gifts

By Megan Finley Horowitz. On December 12, In holidays , shopping. Last time I got fun and funky for the White Elephant gift guide. This year I had to buy gifts for my very first Yankee Gift Swap.

Depending on where you live, it might go by the name White Elephant , Dirty Santa , or any one of a dozen or so colorful monikers. The best Yankee Swaps have a mixture from all categories well, obscene may not be appropriate if your boss or mother-in-law is present. Having different sorts of gifts some desirable, others appalling leads to active trading and lots of laughs. But where do you find great Yankee Swap gifts? Almost anywhere. Many people simply re-gift presents they have no use for perhaps one they received at a previous gift exchange. This site is devoted to helping you find amazing Yankee Swap gift ideas, in a variety of prices and styles.


Dec 12, Explore chicaiset's board "Yankee Swap Gift Ideas" on Here are some cool and creative ways geeks have repurposed everyday things.
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  1. These days, you can find an enormous variety of unusual gifts online, but for something truly original, you need to think outside the gift box and maybe even make something yourself.

  2. These ten gift exchange games are some of the most creative and unique gift exchange ideas ever!

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