Trump i never knew we had so many countries

Remarks by President Trump Before Air Force One Departure

trump i never knew we had so many countries

Donald Trump to dignitaries in Japan: I never knew we had so many countries.

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President Donald Trump candidly reveals his ignorance of geography and international politics. What distinguishes October to the realities of the Donald Trump presidency is that the leaders on both sides, namely John F. Kennedy and Nikita S. Khrushchev were accutely aware of the dangers of nuclear annihilation. Raw Story. While giving a speech to Japanese dignitaries on the first leg his Asian tour, President Donald Trump admitted that he was unaware of how many countries there are in the world until he became president. Addressing how he first became acquainted with Japanese Prime Minister Abe — who Trump referred to by his first name, Shinzo — Trump made the off-hand comment, appearing to go off-script from his prepared remarks.

Foreign Policy. Issued on: August 20, The United States and Romania have gotten along better than ever before. So, I want to thank you for that. And we have a big trade business going on, to be honest with you.

Definitely the most creative explanation of the week for Stuff Trump Makes Up. After going back and forth several times, the president was asked if he was having second thoughts or third, or eighteenth … about the tariff war. Apparently not the message the White House was hoping to send. Desperate, but pretty darned good. Any attempt to come up with a united stand on climate change, Iran, trade, etc. Which the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, turned down imperiously.

President Trump Revealed He 'Never Knew We Had So Many Countries'

Political Transcripts. Donald Trump delivered a fiery speech on August 13, at a new plastics plant in rural Monaca, Pennsylvania.
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Issued on: August 13, We have very, very strong numbers. Long term, possibly not. We have a Fed that decides not to cut interest rates, which is a very bad thing. Because, right now, we have to follow suit; we should be following suit. But we have a very powerful country, a very strong economic and military country. The stock market is way up today for various reasons, including tariffs.

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  1. Beginning his Asian tour Saturday after touching ground in Japan, President Donald Trump detailed his high regard for the relationship between him and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe - and his apparent lack of knowledge about the number of countries in the world.

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