I m not there trailer

I’m Not There

i m not there trailer

I'm Not There

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Every Disney live-action update comes with a litany of questions. Why does that lion look like that? Wait, there are two Jon Favreaus? The arrival of the new Mulan trailer is no exception. Ahead of its release, some people were expecting the film to be a musical, like the U.

Since set pics from Jennifer Lopez's latest flick, Hustlers , which is being dubbed the "stripper movie," started emerging, it's generated massive buzz, thanks in large part to J. We've started our official countdown to the movie's fall release. If you care to join us on this cinematic journey, here's everything we know about Hustlers thus far—and some pictures brace yourself for the Cardi B snap! The flick will be coming to a theater near you on September 13, J. Lo revealed in an Instagram post. And if that wasn't enough, here are some individual teasers and stills from the movie to enjoy:.

Simmons holds the spotlight as a broken old man in the trailer for Michelle Schumacher's drama, I'm Not Here. For years, Simmons made his trade as a celebrated character actor, playing everyone from Peter Parker's delightfully loud-mouthed boss J. The film arrives in theaters and On Demand next March, following its world premiere at the Raindance Film Festival and its screening at San Diego's annual film festival earlier this year. In the meantime, a trailer has been released online, ahead of its debut. As the trailer demonstrates, I'm Not Here is a showcase for not only Simmons, but also Sebastian Stan as the younger version of his character. You can watch the trailer below, followed by the film's official synopsis.

Things are not always as they appear. Recent MCU movies have intentionally misled fans by including shots in the trailer that have either been edited, or that are just straight-up not in the final movie. That scene did not occur. It's omission, not deception. It also gives away a little more of the plot, hence why there are some more deceptive measures. There was just a gap between them. Indeed, the Hulk does not appear in any of the trailers, and the only shots of Banner are pre-time jump.

‘I’m Not Here’ Trailer: J.K. Simmons Looks to the Past and Doesn’t Like What He Finds

I'm Not There (2007) Trailer #1 - Todd Haynes, Heath Ledger Movie HD

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