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If you do not agree with these terms, you must immediately cease all use of the Services and un-install any application from your hardware. Provider has no obligation whatsoever to furnish any maintenance or support services with respect to the Services. However, You agree and acknowledge that Provider is a third party beneficiary of these Terms, and that upon Your acceptance of these Terms, Provider will have the right and will be deemed to have accepted the right to enforce these terms against You as a third party beneficiary thereof. There are two general types of Users of the Services, registered users that have registered with Animoto or who have registered with an authorized third party that provides access to Animoto Services "Registered Users" , and visitors of the Site "Visitors" , such as someone invited to view another's video. You must be 13 years of age or older to be a User of the Services. You must be 18 years of age or older to be a Commercial User.

The next step is to set up Animoto accounts for your students. First things first, create a Gmail account. These accounts will not be linked in Animoto itself. The next step is to make alias email addresses for each student. Gmail ignores any letters and numbers you add after a plus sign.

Add some edtech to your classroom with videos created with Animoto. Video offers a way to differentiate instruction. Teachers and administrators use Animoto to create ads for school fundraisers , event recaps, social media posts, newsletters, and announcements. In class, students can create photo essays, book reports , student portfolios, or other projects that promote higher-order thinking. Take a look at our list of video lesson plans for inspiration. Teachers can apply for a free Animoto account for themselves and up to 50 students.

Log in to your account to start creating videos. Welcome Back. Log in to create your next video. Log in with Google. Log in with Facebook.
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Drive customers to your website with videos about products, services, or content. Stand out in the social feed. Video gets more likes and shares than other content. Select a storyboard template or start from scratch. Then drag and drop photos and video clips right into your project. Quickly adjust colors, fonts, music, and more to customize your video. Match your own style or brand with ease.

Make eye-catching school promotional videos with ease. Quickly create video newsletters, fundraise and recruit with private school marketing videos, and add technology to the classroom with our video maker for teachers, administrators, and students. With a beginner-friendly interface, Animoto makes it easy to help your whole school communicate better, with video. Looking for our free video app for your classroom? Sign up here for an Animoto Classroom account for you and your students. When static ads failed to connect with prospective students, San Jacinto Christian Academy turned to video. That was enough to net the school more than views and more than shares, building awareness of the school in the local community and helping them reach a whole new pool of potential San Jacinto students.

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