Michael p ribons political party

A Topanga Primer for the Primary Election, June 7. Vote!

michael p ribons political party

[LIVE/NEWS] Presidential office invites parliamentary speaker and leaders of 5 political parties...

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For voters in Los Angeles County, the 11 races for Superior Court judge are perhaps the most mystifying part of the June 5 election. Voters should be aware of a few basic facts about judicial elections. Superior Court has more than judicial seats, and the judges serve six-year terms. But most vacancies are filled by the governor rather than by voters. This year, only one sitting judge has been challenged. Twenty-six candidates are competing for 10 vacant or soon-to-be-vacated seats.

Voters who pass up the June 5 election will find in November that others have made many of their decisions for them. Jerry Brown, and polling suggests that one of them will be Lt. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat. But who will be the other? John Cox, a Republican endorsed by President Trump? Or someone else? A similar story is shaping up in the U.

Metropolitan News-Enterprise. Thursday, May 10, Page 8. All three aspirants for Office No. They were in separate contests. He was not among the two who made it into a run-off.

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Endorsement: For Los Angeles Superior Court: 11 choices

Do you feel better informed having used Voter's Edge? There is no question that the gap between the legal needs of vulnerable individuals and the legal services available to them is far too large. As a judge pro tem in our courts, I have seen that often those who need legal help the most do not get it. Though judges have a duty to apply the law impartially, that does not mean they must do so with a lack of compassion. Our courts could do a better job of making this information more easily available to potential litigants well in advance of their day in court. No one should be in jail simply because they are disadvantaged. Judges would set bail terms as appropriate, provided the public is not in danger and there is a high likelihood the defendant will appear in court as required.

Do you feel better informed having used Voter's Edge? Michael was born and raised in Los Angeles, the son of an immigrant father. From a young age he was entrepreneurial and community service oriented. While in his teens he started a non-profit organization which provided public service to the community. Michael has started several successful companies in the Los Angeles area.

Classifieds Directory About Contact Advertise. John Herman Cox is an American accountant, businessman, broadcaster, attorney, and politician. He is a Republican candidate in the California gubernatorial election, At today's meeting the members of the Southern California Republican Women and Men voted by a two-thirds majority to endorse John Cox to be the next Governor of California, the Group announced. While some of us may have preferred Travis Allen, we recognize the necessity of unifying behind the Republican candidate who has objectively established a decisive lead. A Republican at the top of the November ticket is necessary for its own sake, but also is critical to boosting our down-ticket candidates, who may otherwise be massacred. Additional candidates endorsed by vote of two-thirds of members present:.

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