Y si fuera ella jonghyun


y si fuera ella jonghyun

? 4? 28? hyeya If It Were Her The SHINee World Jonghyun, Lyrics/??: Kenzie Composer/??: Alejandro Sanz Arranger/??: Kenzie.

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Hyeya, why are you trying to leave? What am I suppose to do without you? Hyeya, mianhadan maleul malya Eonjenga aju meon geu ddae Majimakye majimakae haji aneullae Geuraeya jigeum ee apeun shigando Hootnal joeun chueokira Ooseumyeo malhago isseul uri. Hyeya, neoneun malhaesseotji geujeo Joeun chinguye gaseumeuro nal Saranghaneun geosira youngwon han georago Geureon mal dashin haji ma Negaen neomu gabyeo. Hyeya, eojji ddeonaryeoneun geoya Ootneun geu nooneuro annyoungiran Janinhan maleun nalreul jookigo soomi mumchweo Haengbokhagae haejudeon geu melodyga Ajik neomu chanranhada Jebal beoriji ma beoriji ma. Slago shipji ana eojjihana Neo eopneun nal eojjihana Aye moreun chae sal geoseul Eereokhae michidorok seulpeul jooriya. Hyeya, neoneun malhaesseotji geujeo Chinguye gaseumeuro Saranghaneun geosira youngwon hadago Geureon mal dashin haji ma Negaen neomu gabyeo.

Jonghyun just puts so much emotion into his voice, especially right at the beginning of the song. It really touches me every single time. Thank you to my followers for sending me this song. Check out my Tumblr; I will post new amazing music from all over the world in different languages. I may not know what the song is trying to say, but it triggers my feels! Log in Sign up.

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Jonghyun (SHINee) - Y si fuera Ella (Eng sub)

Alejandro Sanz - Y ?Si Fuera Ella? (videoclip oficial)

Hola, Kpopers! Greetings from Huang X.

"Y, ?Si Fuera Ella?" (English: And; If it were she? (And: If she was the chosen one ?)) is a song In , South Korean boy band Shinee released a cover version, a solo sung by member Kim Jonghyun, of this song in Korean, on their album.
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