When is melania trumps birthday

Of Course Melania Trumpís White House Birthday Card Is Becoming a Meme

when is melania trumps birthday

President Trump and Melania host couples dinner

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Can't figure out why this photo was posted. Is this the only one of her birthday? If so, it's really depressing. Sitting there, alone, with a big empty space and a bouquet prop. Weird, actually. Skip navigation!

It's Melania Trump 's birthday, and the White House decided to celebrate by posting a photo of her on social media. But of course the Internet couldn't let well enough alone. People on Twitter immediately started turning the photo WH chose into memes. After all, the pic was an interesting choice. It's of Trump sitting on the far end of a couch, alone, as dozens of paparazzi take her picture. There wasn't a cute headshot the White House could have posted? A candid?

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Melania Trump FURIOUS in REVEALING birthday post from White House, expert claims

Trump sitting alone on the far end of a couch and staring into the distance, surrounded by an army of photographers and reporters in the Oval Office. Trump turned 49 on Friday. The photo has spawned numerous memes but also questions from some Twitter users about why the White House chose to share a photo in which the first lady looks "all alone" on her birthday.



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