Happy birthday song in german

German Happy Birthday Lyrics (Zum Geburstag viel Gluck)

happy birthday song in german

Here are several ways to sing Happy Birthday in Germany, plus the lyrics and translations of the most popular versions.

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A fun tradition in families all over the world, it's always nice to hear someone sing you a 'happy birthday' song. To start off simply, let's learn how to sing the basic "Happy Birthday" song in German. It's very easy because you only need to learn two lines the first line repeats, just like in English and you will use the same tune as you would sing in English. Although the English version of "Happy Birthday to You" remains the most common song heard at German birthday parties, this song is just as popular. It is one of the few German birthday songs to gain widespread popularity in German-speaking countries.

Pronunciation Tip: With most German words, the stress falls on the first syllable. However, for words with the short prefix ge- the stress falls on the second syllable. Tip: Many of the regional variations are less different phrases than they are different pronunciations of the German words in the greetings you already know. Tip: Any birthday might be significant, depending on the person. To turn German cardinal numbers into ordinals, add -te to the end of numbers When you get to 20, add the -ste suffix to the end of the number.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. German Language Stack Exchange is a bilingual question and answer site for speakers of all levels who want to share and increase their knowledge of the German language. I'm really surprised this question has not been asked. I would like to know, how do you say "Happy birthday! I plugged this into Google Translate, and got the following. I feel like this translates literally to "all is good for your birthday". What is the logic behind this?

Happy Birthday in German

How to Say Happy Birthday in German (And Party Like the Locals Do!)

Free Email Course. Lektion 1 German Articles: der, die, das. Lesson 33 Comparative Adjective s. Learning Other Languages: Other Languages. Listen and learn how to say Happy Birthday in German and other important phrases. Yes, No, Thank you, Hello . My name is, Where are you from?

The good news about singing "Happy Birthday" in Germany is that it is not hard at all. The reason is the bad news: The English version of "Happy Birthday" is commonly sung at German parties. Nevertheless, on occasion, you will hear it sung in German. There are a few main birthday songs in German. One common song is sung to the same tune as the English birthday song. The lyrics are as follows:. Another birthday song that you will hear at times, especially at children's birthday parties, is the one penned by Germany's favorite children's singer, Rolf Zuckowski.

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Finally, a nice song that is not well known but whose amateur Austrian choir we like a lot Kurt Mikula. The copyrights for the song lyrics belong to their authors and we use them for educational purposes. Learning from the beginning Grammar Glossaries Practical German. Copyright www. If you continue to browse, we consider that you accept our cookies policy. About us Other Languages Spanish.

Did you know that we can thank the Germans for developing modern birthday celebrations? Although history shows evidence of the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations celebrating the birthdays of their gods with fanciful festivities, it was the Germans who brought the practice down to us mere mortals. Now, while birthdays can inspire quite the festivities, there are a handful of customs that are highly ingrained in the way Germans approach this annual occasion, steeped in tradition with a smattering of superstition thrown in. This is considered a big no-no in Germany. To avoid any potential awkward situations, be sure to bring along cash to cover the entire affair as your friends and family will expect you to pick up the bill. Birthdays in Germany are your treat!

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