Anti anxiety meds that don t cause weight gain

Lexapro and Weight Gain or Loss

anti anxiety meds that don t cause weight gain

Girl, you got fat. (Weight Gain, Mental Health + Medication Story.)

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Many people with depression have worked hard to treat their disease. You may attend therapy and take your antidepressants, only to find that the numbers on the scale are moving up and your clothes are not fitting like they used to. While you may feel better emotionally and mentally, you might also feel discouraged by your physical appearance or health. Some of this may be due to the connection between antidepressants and weight gain. It is not a side effect of every medication used to treat depression, and some are more associated with weight loss.

The good news is not every antidepressant causes weight gain and not everyone who takes an antidepressant gains weight. The bad news: If you do start gaining weight when you first begin taking antidepressants, you may just keep piling on the pounds over time and ultimately find it hard to lose that excess weight. But you can turn bad news into good by working with your healthcare provider to monitor both your mood and medication on a regular basis and stop weight gain before it gets out of hand. The antidepressants most likely to cause weight gain include amitriptyline Brand name: Elavil , mirtazapine Remeron , paroxetine Paxil, Brisdelle, Pexeva , escitalopram Lexapro , sertraline Zoloft , duloxetine Cymbalta , and citalopram Celexa. Tricyclic antidepressants such as amitriptyline and tetracyclic antidepressants such as mirtazapine are linked to the most weight gain.

Lexapro escitalopram is an antidepressant often prescribed to treat depression and anxiety disorders. Antidepressants are generally quite helpful.
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Antidepressants might work to help ease the symptoms of depression, but a new study published in The BMJ found that one not-so-wanted side effect of antidepressants is weight gain. For the study, Gafoor and his team evaluated , health records taken from the U. Clinical Practice Research Datalink. According to the study, people who took citalopram brand name Celexa or mirtazapine Remeron were more likely to gain weight. Though mirtazapine is not widely prescribed anymore, citalopram is and it was associated with a 26 percent higher risk of weight gain. Alex Dimitriu told Metro.

6 Prominent Anxiety Medications That Do Not Cause Weight Gain

Antidepressants have helped millions of people cut through the dark fog of depression. Many others try these medications but stop taking them, often because of side effects such as weight gain. - For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser.



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