Man claims to be jesus

Police: Man claims to be Jesus Christ, steals donation box, hurts Oakland County deputy

man claims to be jesus

This is a partial list of notable people who have been claimed, either by themselves or by their .. "The Man Who Claims To Be Jesus". CBS 4. September

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Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has reportedly led a chant of "death to America" and recently called for a separate state for black Americans , has made more controversial comments, claiming to be Jesus and clarifying his "anti-termite" statement. He told Rep. Ilhan Omar "you have nothing to apologize for," and he praised her fellow colleague freshman, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The preacher of Islam then appeared to mock one of the most famous passages from the Bible, John

Jesus was the Messiah Christ , the Son of God who was crucified for the sins of humanity before rising from the dead, according to Christian Gospels and early Christian writings. According to the Gospels, Jesus, who was born around 4 B. He supposedly also had the ability to walk on water, instantly create vast amounts of fish and bread, resurrect the dead, rise from the dead himself, calm storms and exorcise demons from people. The stories told about him have led many scholars to explore these questions: What was Jesus really like? Did he really exist? Today, many of the supernatural feats Jesus is reported to have performed are regarded by scientists as impossible to do — certainly by someone who lived 2, years ago.

A man was arrested after stealing a donation box and hurting an Oakland County deputy, officials said. Deputies were called at p. Witnesses said a year-old Pontiac man was asking for money, intimidating parishioners and insisting to them that he was Jesus Christ. When deputies arrived, they learned the man had stolen a donation box and left on foot, police said. Deputies saw the man carrying a large plexiglass donation box with money inside, and when they approached, he ran away, according to authorities. Deputies chased the man and twice deployed Tasers, but they were unsuccessful, police said.

A man who claimed to be Jesus Christ now faces several felony charges after plowing his car into a busy Bethany street corner. Police say the.
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Who is Michael Job, the ‘fake Jesus’ of Kenya?



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  1. This is a partial list of notable people who have been claimed, either by themselves or by their followers, in some way to be the reincarnation or incarnation of Jesus , or the Second Coming of Christ.

  2. South Africans and Kenyans were up in arms after news articles, pictures, and video of a man apparently pretending to be the second coming of Jesus parading through the streets of Kenya began to go viral.

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