Town hall 11 farming base

15 OMG! [Undefeated] TH11 War and Farming Bases Layouts

town hall 11 farming base

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Clash of Clans is a war game that focuses on strategy and management skills. The game progresses to be more and more difficult and need more careful plans and clever strategies. You crush others or get crushed. So, here are the coc bases for TH11 Base. You need excellent strategies and clever planning to create the best from what you have. But sometimes people tend to make mistakes and ignore some factors which may be important.

As an experienced Clash of Clans player, I own over 36 Clash of Clans accounts, ranging from town hall 5 to town hall Throughout my time playing, farming bases gets raided by players of all sorts of levels, each of them with different objectives. Our bases are designed to handle other farming raids, from levels above your current one, since it is pretty unusual to get raided war-style if you're farming. The cycling design of this base prevents giant raids, as it leads them to circle around the bases, which is loaded with spring traps. This base is a similar design as the top one. The Dark Elixir is centered and the other loot is evenly placed. The town hall is used to tank and distract the attacker.

Top Town hall 11 Farming Bases. Launch an attack in the simulator or modify with the base builder.
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This farming layout really is a fine one and targets protecting your Black Elixir Storage could be your first place. The Air Sweeper and Air Defenses will incorporate a wonderful protection specially against air strikes with this particular design. This village is effective because construction is against the funneling. The collector and mines are distributed very well across the bass in inner compartment. One more bonus thing is having archer queen and barbarian king in the core compartment.

Many people think that the base is not that important in Clan Wars because you have 2 attacks but only 1 base ó so you can get 6 Stars by only losing 3 Stars. I will show you here a frequently updated TH11 War Base and also explain to you why this design works so well instead of listing dozens of different layouts like other websites. The Town Hall in this base is not extremely exposed, this will help especially in Clan War Leagues when attackers only have one try to 3-Star your base. The Town Hall is protected by an Inferno Tower, double layer walls and several traps to prevent any suicide heroes going for the easy takedown. The base has multiple regions with one being an outside perimeter with a lot of buildings that just eat time off the clock of the attacker and making him not get the 3-Star in time. The center is primarily designed to have the Eagle Artillery and the defending Clan Castle from being pulled or destroyed early so the attacker has to deal with it during the main part of his attack.

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Townhall 9 Farm Base

Clash of Clan Best Guide. All Updates Are Well Researched. We Don't Spam You. All recent base designs I featured here have become very popular so that they can be beaten by more and more people. If you choose to use an internet base layout ó they sometimes get very popular, so people learn to handle and beat them. It always helps to adapt them a little bit. One important thing to mention!

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Best TH11 Farming Base Designs 2019





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