How to unlock jet in sonic and the black knight

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how to unlock jet in sonic and the black knight

For Sonic and the Black Knight on the Wii, a GameFAQs Answers question titled but i dont know how to unlock/find Silver the Hedgehog or Jet the Hawk and i.


Successfully complete the indicated tasks to unlock the corresponding character in multiplayer Battle mode:. Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding profile at the "Gallery" menu:. Wait until Blaze finishes attacking, then strike twice and guard again. When she does the fire tornado, wait until she stops spinning to guard. Repeat this until Blaze has been defeated. When the fight begins, press A or Z to dodge the first three attacks.

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We like it too. Why not check out some similar LPs from our recommendations? What would you like to tag this LP as? Tag challenges co-op completionist dual-audio group high-definition humorous informative narrative subtitles voice Tag it! Introduction Released on March 3, , this is the second game in the Sonic Storybook series, the fourth Sonic game on the Wii, and the seventh game on the Wii to feature his likeness. Set in the middle of bizarro Arthurian legend, this game "takes advantage" of the Wii's accelerometers and pits Sonic in a swordfighting shake-fest against the evil minions of the mysterious Black Knight. Sonic and the Black Knight is a video game locked in a constant battle between two archetypes, that of the amazing game, and that of the abysmal game.

Game Reviews - add yours. How do you beat Lancelot to unlock silver? And I can never get a 5-star rating on Great Megalith. My time is usually around I kill most of the enemies and free a few people. It's the time attack mission, right? Search for more answers for Sonic and the Black Knight or ask your own question here.

Silver and Jet

To unlock Jet, you need to beat the Great Megalith time challenge with a 5 star ranking. -


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  1. Actually you can. As Nick said you need to get 5 stars in Great Megalith - Beat the Clock. It just takes some practice to do.

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