My 600 lb life ericas story

Watch My 600-Lb. Life Erica's Story Season 5 ,Ep. 6 Online

my 600 lb life ericas story

My 600 lb Life - S05E06 - Erica's Story

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For five seasons, viewers have watched these people struggle to qualify for gastric bypass surgery, undergo the operation, and fight to maintain healthy post-operative lifestyles. Nearly every person featured on the show is over pounds. Thus, most gastric bypass surgeons have rejected them, saying they are too obese for help. Most My Lb Life participants call Dr. Despite the many success stories chronicled over the last five seasons, My Lb Life has endured its share of criticism. Watching several episodes of this documentary will show any viewer such criticism is warranted for a number of reasons.

I can see both sides of this family. Erica has a traumatic background because of the gang rape. But Erica was already hugely overweight before the rape happened. Her dad may have been cold before the rape, which was why Erica was hiding it from him. But he also may have really loved her, but not have known how to show that love a lot of men of his generation were taught that real "men" don't show emotions. He had expressed his concern about her growing weight problem probably the only way he knew how.

Watching ericas story by star Member since October Re: Watching ericas story by cindyawhitley Member since December Re: Watching ericas story by star As the episode continues I hate her sister even more.

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By Erica Tempesta For Dailymail. A lb woman whose father once cruelly called her 'Godzilla' lost nearly lbs despite her initial claims that her nutritionist was wasting her time cleaning out her cabinets because she could just order more food. Younan Nowzaradan. Although Erica was warned about the dangers of air travel for someone her size, she took the risk and eventually went from lbs to lbs after having gastric bypass surgery. Transformation: The year-old from Lompoc, California, went from lbs left to lbs right after having gastric bypass surgery.

Former My lb Life star Erica Wall is dating online. Now, Erica is flirting with dating and has a conversation online with a man from her past, Jimmy — who last saw her when she was lb, before she gained her weight. She nervously tells him on a Skype call how since she last saw him her weight ballooned to over lb, but that she has now dropped over pounds following gastric bypass surgery. Erica tells Jimmy that her weight struggle has left her with lymphedema issues and hanging loose skin. But despite all her apprehension and fears, Jimmy seems happy to be speaking with her after all these years and keen to reconnect. Her highest weight of lb was thanks to overindulging in home-cooked fried chicken and other calorific foods that put her at pounds before she was even a teenager.

My 600-lb Life Where Are They Now: Erica's Journey

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  1. Jan 16, The pics in the latest My Lb Life Erica Wall update are Erica's most definitely a survivor: her story involves an ill-advised stomach.

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