Player to be named later

List: 5 top 'players to be named later'

player to be named later

In Major League Baseball, a player to be named later (PTBNL) is an unnamed player involved in exchange or "trade" of players between teams. The terms of a.

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A player to be named aka player to be named later , PTBNL is a player who is part of a trade but who is not named at the time the deal is made. The player may remain unnamed either because the teams haven't yet agreed on the player or because the teams see some advantage in delaying the completion of the trade. When the player is not yet agreed on, there are still restrictions on who the choosing team may claim. The teams may either agree on some general class of player who is eligible to be chosen e. Such restrictions set the approximate value of the PTBNL while still giving the choosing team some extra time to scout the players in question.

Does anyone know if that deal has been finalized? The Yankees are owed a player. Who is he? With the theme of this column, you may have correctly guessed they are all players who have been named later in trades, which eventually landed them with a new club. When the Mariners released him, the Sox signed him as a free agent. And somewhere in the back of my mind, I always thought there was something sinister going on in the back room with the door closed. As an example, when Brian Cashman traded Barbato to Pittsburgh, his only purpose was to clear a roster spot for Jordan Montgomery , who was scheduled to make his first start in Pinstripes within days.

Player to be named

Another non-waiver Trade Deadline has come and gone, which means that baseball fans everywhere have been reintroduced to an old friend: the player to be named later., As we approach the July 31 trade deadline, a number of deals will include a "player to be named later" -- typically, a minor league player sent to another team further down the line to finalize a trade. Below is a list of the top five active players who were once players to be named later ordered by career wins above replacement.

It's hard to hang your hopes on the abstract idea of a player, after all, and historically speaking, the odds are very slim that a PTBNL will end up.
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The terms of a trade are not finalized until a later date, most often following the conclusion of the season. Postponing a trade's final conditions or terms is often done for several reasons. First, the team receiving the PTBNL might not be certain which position they want to fill, so this type of deal gives them more time to figure it out. Second, this type of arrangement gives the team receiving the PTBNL more time to evaluate the available talent on the other team. Also, when a trade takes place during August, a player must clear waivers before he can be traded; the PTBNL concept allows the player's original team to make an attempt to have him clear waivers then finalize the deal, or if the player cannot clear waivers wait until the end of the season to trade him. The deal must close within six months of the conclusion of the rest of the trade. If the teams can't agree on who the player will be, then they will agree on a price to be paid instead of a player.

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